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Paranoia and difficulties connecting with others are signs of psychosis, a mental illness in which people lose touch with reality.
Fame only made dealing with her mental illness that much more stressful and put her under more pressure.
Because faculty and staff regularly encounter students, they are in the best position to observe early symptoms of mental illness.
People who live in poverty are at increased risk of mental illness compared to their economically stable peers.
Psychopaths don't exhibit the manias, hysterias, and neuroses that are present in other types of mental illness.
He never published a word about his own mental illness.
In totalitarian regimes, dissidence is treated as a mental illness.
Another focus should be mental illness, which is a major source of suffering.
If that turns out to be so, it will affect the understanding and treatment of mental illness.
Cases of mental illness in the workplace are soaring.
It is healthful and results in lower rates of cancer, heart disease, domestic violence and mental illness.
The evidence is mounting: mental illness might be caused by microbes.
Severe mental illness alone is not generally enough to cause violent behavior.
Exposure to daylight may explain a link between birth season and mental illness.
Society has also shifted its view of the causes of mental illness.
It does not matter at all whether these genes, or their expression, have any effect on mood or mental illness.
Drugs that alleviate symptoms of mental illness in mice often wind up producing human treatments.
The stigma for mental illness is still going strong, and this is certainly part of it.
More than half of the population has some form of mental illness.
Mental illness is as real as diabetes, arthritis or any other disease, and no more disgraceful.
Mental health, he reasoned, should be more than the absence of mental illness.

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