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At this juncture, my strongly held opinion is that there is no useful distinction between mental-physical, medical-mental health.
As with all hallucinogenic substances, there can be some risk to your mental health.
In civilian life, he had gone through periods of unstable mental health.
Your doctor may refer you to a mental health care provider.
During the campaign he said prosecutors should undergo checks on their mental health.
Violent unrest wreaks havoc on mental health, provoking nightmares, altering behaviour and causing lasting illness.
The urbanites' general mental health did not differ from that of their provincial counterparts.
Politicians should concentrate on maximising the mental health of their voters, rather than the size of their pay cheques.
And across individuals it varies with family structure, work status, physical health and mental health.
You'd have to be naive indeed to answer yes to any of the eight questions about your criminal background and mental health.
For years, mental health experts have tracked how this biological chain of events plays out in real life.
More often, it makes no sense at all, except for fun and mental health.
The point is that the venture capitalists who back start-ups don't prioritize the mental health of those putting in the work.
But hunger spawns immense and largely ignored mental health costs.
But few appreciate the extent to which mental health and social health are the close companions of physical health.
It could also be used in a benevolent society to monitor mental health to an unprecedented degree.
Employers who provide for mental health care may cultivate a better balance sheet as well as a happier lunch room.
In the meantime, there's something you can do that helps both areas but that doesn't have any known mental health risks.
Nostalgia is not limited to any culture, stage of life or state of mental health.
Added to the burden of illness is the social stigma that people with mental health problems face.
The solution is not merely to improve the woefully inadequate mental health treatment of prisoners.
There are other ways mental health professionals are using technology to help them evaluate clients, on and off college campuses.
Your ultimate goal is to hire talented people with good mental health who are fun to be around.
Each of them concerns the relationship between physical health and mental health.
My work is not in the realm of guns, mental health, nor police science.
But critics say the mental health industry would do well to slow down.
If you've ever sweated over a single project for months on end, this video could prove harmful to your mental health.
There were questions about both his physical and mental health.
His mental health has deteriorated under the stress of living in this bizarre miniature world for more than four months.
Such speculations leave defenders of creativity as a product of mental health unconvinced.
Health statistics may be hazardous to our mental health.
There are numerous organizations and websites that have information about a range of mental health related topics.

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