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So he worked at menial jobs, wrote in his free time and sent out as many as 40 stories at once.
As she would not marry him, he put her to all sorts of menial work, such as washing the dirty linen.
Hire an undergrad on an hourly basis to help with the menial tasks.
Players and critics alike have noted the game's resemblance to a job, and a fairly menial job at that.
In Japan, apprentices may spend two or three years doing menial kitchen tasks, then learning to make sushi rice.
Too much pressure, he assumed, for such a menial role.
More recent arrivals moan that it is tough to find work, even the menial sort.
Not so long ago, executives would do meaningful green jobs for menial pay.
With labour in demand, some get black-market jobs as menial workers or on farms.
But pessimists reckon that having the best and brightest working abroad, often in menial jobs, is a dreadful loss.
Total focus on money, lack of environmental attention, lack of local benefit except in menial jobs.
But you have fewer people doing the more menial, routine tasks, because you're moving those offline.
Some of this is plain discrimination, particularly where the more menial types of government work are concerned.
They do the menial jobs-as janitors, street-sweepers and so on-that the laid-off workers from state enterprises refuse to take.
They must shed their ego and go for menial jobs which are, till now, considered worthy only for illegal immigrants.
Menial jobs are available, but without a financial imperative few will take them.
The hours are long and the tasks often menial, even oppressive.
Latvians were only coming there to work menial jobs as hired help.
It is completely possible to do more than menial labour jobs while studying for your graduate degree.
Most grad students who work only have time for the world of menial labor, so this is not a helpful career strategy.
They do menial chores for me and my staff, all the while soaking up knowledge that should prove useful to them.
Soon they'll have to import all their skilled and menial labor into the country.
The life of a relief pitcher can be at times a menial existence lacking any sort of name recognition.
He cut off ties with his parents and took a series of menial jobs while pursuing his hobby of collecting streetcar transfers.
Rather than take a low-paying menial job, she turned to the apprentice system.
Deciding to stay for a while, he gets a menial job dumping rotten bananas.
The white-aproned menial obeys instructions and soon the dyspeptic customer really appears to be in an alarming mental condition.
The tasks are often menial, the responsibilities terrifying.
Most of the aspirants train in the mornings and evenings, then spend the days searching for menial odd jobs.
Senior supervisors were white and many of the duties were menial ones not wanted by whites.
Unfortunately, filling out forms tends to be regarded as menial or undesirable work.
Blacks were limited to menial service jobs with a few working for the post office.
Discrimination and a lack of educational opportunities generally meant low-income, often menial, work.
After his release, he progressed from menial jobs to a responsible position with a defense contractor.
As menial as these tasks seemed, they were essential for sustaining daily life.
Low tracks often emphasize good behavior and menial skills, while high tracks offer preparation for college.

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