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Example sentences for mended

Repairs to the existing fence have been an exercise in futility, as mended segments are often torn down within hours.
On the patio, a torn fishing net waits to be mended.
The door or fender of every other car was bashed in, or bashed in and mended.
Clothes and household items were mended rather than replaced.
There is a cut in the top of the dashboard vinyl but it is even and might be mended.
He mended the breach between our local chapter and the national organization.
The original cream color of the paper was yellowed, with mended tears and paper losses, all evidence of deterioration.
Because of the high fragmentation rate, there were numerous cross-mended elements.
The art works that were not mounted to the original pages were removed, cleaned and mended where necessary.

Famous quotes containing the word mended

If small holes are not mended, great holes will cause great mischief.... more
I have never yet seen any plan which has not been mended by the observations of those who were much inferio... more
We fetch fire and water, run about all day among the shops and markets, and get our clothes and shoes made and men... more
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