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Supporters of the campaign also say that it will be an attempt to mend relations with.
Unable to hunt, it died-likely of starvation-before its injury could mend.
So, even if it threatens the waistline, a good marriage might actually help mend broken hearts.
You'll have said what's on your heart, and they'll see the light and mend their ways.
It is the strongest sign that the country is at last on the mend.
The fixes are designed to mend as well as to prevent future such incidents.
Stem cells mend broken rat hearts, stone cold sober astronauts and more.
Keep on schedule and on the mend with one of our mobile fleet.
Though the world economy is on the mend the huge overhang of new vessels on order will present a problem for shipping companies.
One can't mend years of disillusionment with government and science over night.
Lacking solid legitimacy, she may now face a rocky second term unless she manages to mend fences with her opponents.
Stem cells so far have been used to mend tissues ranging from damaged hearts to collapsed tracheas.
It's amusing that people think that trying to mend relations with our close neighbors by releasing a spy makes us appear weak.
Fishermen mend their nets under coconut palms, children play and music drifts from the church on the hill.
The firm ignored repeated requests to mend its ways.
Because of the severity there, the first step must be to mend the holes in the world's safety net.
The problem with this rule is that it encourages those in troubled marriages to end them, not mend them.
Yet some further surrender of fiscal sovereignty must be part of any long-term plan to mend the euro system.
Anybody who didn't know better would have thought homeboy was on the mend.
Casey is on the mend, and there is an outside chance he could play.
People are more than willing to offer you the benefit of the doubt today, so take advantage of every opportunity to mend fences.
After decades of uneven growth, the economy finally seems on the mend.
These two books suggest that simple communication skills can help mend the deepest estrangement.
Bones separated too quickly will not mend or will grow together with tissue too fragile to bear the body's weight.
Some boys were so small they had to climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins.
But buckaroos also bail hay, mend fences, and haul trucks out of desert mud holes.

Famous quotes containing the word mend

If two people feed a horse; it will be thin; if two people mend a boat, it will leak.... more
When the boat reaches midstream, it is too late to mend the leaks.... more
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