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Example sentences for menagerie

Muddled and meandering, this menagerie will test readers' patience.
The menagerie of animals that can brandish a brush is seemingly endless.
He keeps a menagerie of monkeys and peacocks in the grounds of his office.
Behind her, a menagerie of puppets frolicked.
During a storm, a boy in a boat rescues a man and his menagerie of animals.
It will have eight elephants and some camels and zebras but no menagerie.
There is a small menagerie of animals on hand, too.
Included in the menagerie are imaginary hamsters and pet rocks.
Arriving about noon we first did the honor of a call to the menagerie.
Byron lived here with his menagerie of exotic animals and mistresses.
Zoos now have access to a ghostly menagerie of frozen embryos for test-tube breeding.
In its heyday, the reef was also home to a bizarre menagerie of other marine life.
She keeps track of this confusing and colorful aerial menagerie with a little biological sleuthing.
We are creating a menagerie instead of the all horse type.
The large menagerie of life-size farm animals that graced the store's marquee for decades is gone.
They emanate from an increasingly large menagerie of electronic gadgets, appliances and satellites.

Famous quotes containing the word menagerie

The hardiest skeptic who has seen a horse broken, a pointer trained, or has visited a menagerie or the exhi... more
An expense of ends to means is fate;Morganization tyrannizing over character. The menagerie, or forms and p... more
I am over-run, jungled in my bed, I am infested with a menagerie of desires: my heart is eaten by a dove, a... more
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