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Example sentences for menacing

Menacing body posture can be as threatening as a frightening facial expression, according to new research.
To some, the large-scale facility suggested a menacing ambition.
Even the menacing lion has a Gumby-like elasticity that declaws his potential to frighten little ones.
There's something menacing in their mirth.
Its squat, menacing form stares out over an empty wasteland.
Also, the world at last has the tools it needs to control this menacing disease.
Something cold and infinitely menacing comes from those silent corners.
You could make that thing look pretty menacing.
His lungs were damaged, and a host of potentially menacing infections festered in his system.
Fast-paced banjo twangs will make your heart race, as will the menacing glances from cyclists and bikers crowding the bar.
But no one's talking about anything specifically menacing here.
These menacing-looking behemoths are generally olive green or yellow and have a heavily scaled body.
Rising heat played tricks on his eyes, torturing him with visions of menacing armies on distant dunes.
Diving from limb to limb, gabbling excitedly, they set up a menacing ruckus.
He rendered the scene in a palette of solemn gray, brown and ocher, with raging seas and menacing skies dominating the picture.
If you encounter a bear or lion, make yourself appear menacing by standing up, waving your arms and shouting.
At first all you notice is the immense, menacing, and tremendously unsettling spider.
These e-mails for one, although not as menacing as the media portrays, is evidence of shady political dealings.
He has a large catch of huge and menacing, angry, claw-waving crabs and lobsters.
Their mythologies are filled with epic victories over menacing enemies.
His profile is vaguely feral, in a way that makes him look menacing without making him ugly.
The response from the group was half-ridiculing, half-menacing.
He still had the same moustache, but on his heavier face it no longer looked so menacing.
Others are more menacing--pioneers programmed to seed new growth in distant tissues.
Bring a camera into a casino and you may find yourself surrounded by stern hoods silently menacing you off the premises.
It is parodic, detached, strange and sometimes menacing to traditionalists who do not understand it.
Except as otherwise provided in this division, menacing is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
Except as otherwise provided in this division, aggravated menacing is a misdemeanor of the first degree.
Instead, it heard and disposed of the aggravated menacing case before turning to the protection-order violation case.
The buildings were elevated prior to the flooding resulting in the structures being above the menacing floodwaters.
Reports of dangerous or menacing animals will be investigated by our officers.

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