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Example sentences for menace

Cunningham likes her politics served up with equal doses of menace and inanity.
For example, the initial action ends when Catwoman has discovered the jewel, with a menace lurking in the background.
Now, job losses menace the market.
While pursuing suspects, Defoe falls in love, adding the novel's requisite romance and predictable menace to the enamored couple.
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that zombies are a menace to society.
Its airwaves and public discourse are filled with menace and concern.
The power of this beautifully produced book is augmented by Moser's eerie woodcuts, which crystallize the aura of menace.
Spring some lovable, '50s-style monsters to battle the extraterrestrial menace.
Someone who is a menace to society is a criminal.
Without question, cell phones have become a national menace.
Unlike the giant squid or the leopard seal, it lacks an aura of mystery and menace.
Clearly these objections are a menace to the success of our work.
Prediabetes: the silent menace at any age, including among newborns, but the risk increases with age.
But his subsequent monsters were strikingly original, combining menace with painterly beauty.
The frozen, friendly smile masking a hint of menace.
The gun owner did not shoot the weapon but brandished it with menace.
Harmless notes, at face value, but they harbored a secret menace.
The only hint of menace was the number of people wearing face masks.
The trust has long spoken out against airport expansions or other schemes that menace its properties.

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