memory lane in a sentence

Example sentences for memory lane

It's an amusing trip down memory lane, complete with a robotic pimp and cheesy kaleidoscopic freak-out scenes.
With its set of cliches, the movie is a dreary walk down comedy's memory lane.
Perhaps a trip down memory lane at their high school reunion will rekindle their desire.
Stop in the modest museum in his honor for a trip down memory lane.
Take a stroll down memory lane as you enjoy exhibits of rare antiques to modern day collectibles.
When he left he thanked us for letting him have such a pleasant stroll down memory lane.
The parade is a salute to our equine partners as well as a walk down memory lane for spectators and participants alike.
Join us for fun, laughter and a trip down memory lane.
So, please lend us a hand while taking a trip down memory lane.
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