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Psychological pressure can make you more attentive, improving your memory and ability to learn.
How a mental gym can tone your mind and stave off memory loss.
Today's mind-altering chemicals can improve your memory, alertness, and mood.
It's probably a merciful thing that pain is impossible to describe from memory.
Please respond with whatever pops into your mind-if it's character, a specific scene, a childhood memory-whatever.
The beauty of a brief affair is its ability to exist as a single, unique memory.
Can you do anything to bolster your own memory? Memory alone won't turn you into a genius.
For the most part, Winter says she has figured out how to live her life with no visual memory.
Write about a happy Thanksgiving memory.
Generalizing that to say all memory is always unreliable is just irresponsible.
But they will have little memory of these times as they grow.
Later that year, the synagogue was dedicated to Fleisher and a bronze plaque was erected in his memory.
They think more about their lapses of memory than about their successes.
This might well be called the year of memory.
Many said they took them to enhance memory, problem-solving, and planning.
Great dishes are often born of memory and whatever ingredients happen to be on hand.
It's not that such a moment, one that transforms an afternoon walk into a lifelong memory, couldn't happen in another town.
The newest microscope techniques reveal neurons changing shape in response to experience-potentially recording a memory.
Researchers have made a flurry of discoveries related to memory loss recently.
No one who was there, or who watched it on television, could escape the memory of what took place before their eyes.
Memory for the order of briefly presented numerals in humans as a function of practice.
Both heats and colds are become much more moderate within the memory of the middle-aged.
In a learned memory you can find the atmosphere that often appears near a luminous faith.
Set the scene and let us feel whatever it was that still lingers in your memory, for better or worse.
The brain's center of memory and navigation, once considered too disorganized to decode, may soon be unlocked.
There's no built-in memory, and unfortunately no card is included with the camera.
The biggest improvement you'll see in today's computers has to do with memory management.
Besides, the memory in the early years is more facile, because it is less burdened than in later years.
The memory content existing in the delusion mentioned is almost unchanged and appears only uncertain through utterance.
He has not, luckily for himself, anything in his memory to imagine with.
In preparing to write he read many books and out of his capacious memory he wrote with feverish haste.
On the other hand it is asked how poems of such length could have been handed down from age to age by means of the memory alone.
On listening to such a history one invariably notices many memory gaps, both in reference to time and causal relations.
The students took two memory tests, one in which they were asked to remember words and another to remember details from images.
If you don't have enough, the computer will only be able to store part of a page to a few pages in memory at once.
Remember this: gently boosting the electrical waves in the brain can improve memory.
Crabs' memory systems are surprisingly sophisticated.
The latter peptide disrupts a group of neurons that would normally put the brakes on tapping memory to search for food.
New research shows that certain memory exercises can enhance intelligence.
The essence of memory is linking one thought to another.
Unbelievably, the surgery has no apparent effect on personality or memory.
The patients had one second to commit each picture to memory as best they could before the next one appeared.
Two dishes from my back-to-back dinners last summer stand out in memory.
The kind of friendly, reliable place that leaves no special memory.
Given his legendary caloric intake, it's no surprise that his memory has been honored by cookbooks.
Maybe it is not my memory that is at fault, but rather that the processing speed of all my mental functions is slowing down.
For a kinesthetic, there is a connection between movement and memory.
Routine tasks that you perform every day can become blurred in your memory because they are so similar day to day.
But computers are affecting students' writing in ways unlike any other technology in the memory of their instructors.
More than a few presentations still stand out in my memory, perhaps for idiosyncratic reasons.
The final lines of the printed version didn't match his own memory.
The sufferer endures memory loss, personality changes and spontaneous, jerky bodily movements.
The faster the world changes, the more important it becomes for firms to stem collective memory loss.
The memory of this community has been saved from oblivion in a way that is neither flashy, political, nor full of raw emotion.
It was meant to be a self-portrait, he said, a beautiful memory from his childhood.
Indeed, even when someone's memory is patchy, he will still do his best to spin the information he has into a credible yarn.
They found that a large adult head size was beneficial in preventing cognitive decline, in particular memory.
Numerous drugs are also in development that may enhance or alter memory.
For less obsessive fans, the books are still an important memory.
They should draw these maps from memory, based on what they have learned in this lesson.
When using informational texts, students can easily overload their short-term memory.
Some scientists use them as models for learning and memory studies.
Create a fun collage about a favorite summer memory.
Digital cameras are also great, remember to bring extra batteries and memory sticks.
Proper camera operation cannot be guaranteed when using memory cards not listed here.
Photomicrograph of a mouse hippocampus, an area of the brain critical for learning and memory.
When you watch the movie and get to that line, you don't think your memory is wrong.
He has a prodigious memory for board positions and moves.
The rest of us have to make do with a memory shed, or a mildewed memory cupboard filled with memory junk.
Soon after, he consulted a neurologist-he was feeling sluggish and having some difficulties with his memory.
Their memory of the electric shock training was effectively erased.
But at the dawn of culture, poetry itself was memory.
Over time, our memory of national catastrophes becomes less personal and more nuanced.
Damage to the temporal region of the cerebral cortex often leads to impairment in memory and use of language.
They also took tests measuring their memory and other cognitive skills.
For example, alcoholics are notorious for experiencing blackouts, actual memory gaps that occur even when they are conscious.
Some scientists attribute this leap to evolutionary advances in cognition and memory alone.
Printed electronics have been advancing in bits and pieces for years-a crude processor here, a basic memory device there.
Enhancing neuron gene expression may improve memory.
In computers, optical memory could also make possible optical communication between devices on computer chips.
New neuron formation in the hippocampus aids in new memory formation.
Prototype phase-change memory drive is faster than conventional disks.
Coaches and trainers routinely use crude memory tests to determine if a player can get back on the field.
Shape memory plastics are about as close as materials scientists get to doing magic.
Addiction is another kind of pathological remembering, but in this case the memory is pleasurable.
Meanwhile, doubts about the standard theory of memory were piling up in the world outside the neuroscience lab.
Neural implants will treat tremors, paralysis, and even memory loss.
She had entered a realm of fear strong enough to shut down the memory-forming hippocampus and perhaps even consciousness itself.
It's the nature of memory in general and musical memory in particular that it has this accuracy.
But he could only do dates falling within his lifetime, which suggests that he used memory.
For the first time in living memory, the people of this fertile, rainy country are facing widespread food insecurity.
If you follow her career at all, at this point you could probably sketch her midriff from memory.
And soon, the cloyingly interrogative missive will fade from public memory.
Ray's earliest memory is of burning her thumb on a flat-topped grill while trying to spatula some cheese.
Watching someone's memory begin to fail or witnessing a family member struggling with dementia can be troubling.
One of life's great mysteries is why certain experiences get lodged immovably in our memory, while others are forgotten.

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