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But then, neither a final line of dialogue nor a childhood memento would.
The idea was to include a small memento for the mission.
She says that giving other parents a memento of what they lost has helped alleviate her loss.
It may be depressing at times, but it is not a tragic memento.
Unlike the plaque, this shirt isn't a cherished memento from his childhood.
Think of something you can give that will be useful and/or valuable as a memento.
Don't omit a signature on a sentimental memento without a price tag.
He wanted her to take some pictures of him, as a memento of how handsome he was despite his illness.
He didn't wash that sweatshirt, because when you've helped one set of alien robots defeat another, you need a memento.
It's a memento of a magical night, but also the beginning of the end of their relationship.
Customers can also make their own creations for a personalized memento.
Marlin and sailfish are tagged and released according to federal mandates, but you can have a memento photo taken of the occasion.
Have an old-fashioned photo taken in period dress to keep as a memento of your trip.
Drakes also provides each guest with a pair of slippers to keep as a memento.
Signs will be posted until year's end, at which time the purchaser can keep the sign as a memento of the historic celebration.

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