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Example sentences for meme

The meme that 'if each of us does a little we will achieve a lot' is nothing but wishful thinking.
Your meme needs a place to do business.
The "psycho veteran" meme is alive and well.
Normalcy returning, seems to be the meme reporters are repeating in the press today.
Today, the current meme of the internet hive-mind is washing machines.
Take for example the mindlessly repeated meme of "We are in a cooling trend".
But he certainly did not invent the idea of a meme.
One might be tempted to say it is a meme that ensures its own existence.
And that meme has rolled downhill to the current generation because it makes good copy.
As long as the viral meme can propagate faster than the host humans die, it is successful.
Meme, pardon, but your cognitive dissonance is showing.
It's almost as if he is a false meme that can't be controlled.
So goes this meme of the self-interested and their minions.
On the other hand, the recession-backlash meme seems to have grown in the past week.
The speed of dissemination is breathtaking: mangled to meme in less than two days.
Yet this meme keeps coming back and back, in my comments and elsewhere.
Also, the tired meme about crony capitalism could well be applied to many modern presidencies.
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