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Their secret is a patented three-layer membrane that lets perspiration out for comfort but prevents all moisture from penetrating.
In reverse osmosis, also known as ultrafiltration, the wine flows along a porous cylindrical membrane.
Almost a third of these are embedded in the cell's outer membrane.
On this day, the fishermen debate which is tastier, mullet roe fried intact in its membrane or chopped and scrambled with eggs.
These attract the calcite particles, which build up on the membrane in crisp, geometric columns until they make a shell.
Most drugs and diseases target these membrane proteins, so knowing their shape is important.
Snell's theory of the lung membrane had to do with the limits of oxygen.
The membrane is impermeable to blood cells and large molecules such as proteins, but small ones can get through it.
In all other mammals, the lungs are surrounded by two layers of a thin membrane called the pleural cavity.
The optical properties of the fibre then vary depending on the pressure differential across the membrane.
They anesthetized her to remove a piece of her scalp and skull and fold back a protective membrane underneath.
If a cell membrane was made up of phospholipids with mostly saturated hydrocarbon tails, the membrane would be too stiff.
It also pops the key back up quicker than the rubber bubble in a membrane board.
As the wrigglers develop, the gelatinous outer membrane decomposes, perhaps triggered by a chemical change in the tadpoles.
When a virus invades a cell, it expects those proteins to be present on the cell membrane.
First, the red cell membrane protects hemoglobin from degradation and protects tissues from the toxic effects of free hemoglobin.
The thin membrane beneath the keys is flimsy and deforms as you type.
Then drain them, rub off the membrane with a towel and let the nuts dry.
Also called the tympanic membrane grave: noun: specific place where a body is buried.
Thus they can damage a cell's membrane or the membranes of various cell structures that exist inside the cytoplasm of cells.
The recycler relies on an electrolyte-filled solution to pull water molecules across a semi-permeable membrane.
Capsaicin, however, repels all other mammals and kills insects by causing membrane damage and metabolic disruption.
Remove the skin and outer membrane the best you can.
The outer membrane is photosynthetic, and large groups of the plants grow in the sunny clearings left by forest fires.
Hemolytic anemias: red cell membrane and metabolic defects.
They get their name from the extremely thin membrane of their wings and their ghostly pale fur.
The ocean is a living membrane that connects all our shores.
The doctor will look for changes in the blood vessels and the membrane that surrounds them.
Some species of the pterosaur had a membrane between their legs to increase the surface of their wingspan, helping them soar.
If not corrected in time, the inflammation and tension on the fascia can tug on the membrane surrounding the heel bone.
In a real brain, neurons receive electrical pulses from synapses until a sufficient voltage builds up across their membrane.
The researchers found that coriander oil is able to damage the membrane of bacterial cells.
The higher the gradient, the more stable that membrane is.
Drain, then remove the dark veins and membrane and discard.
We think of time as flowing smoothly, of the present as a dimensionless membrane separating future and past.
There is a difference between resting membrane potential and action potential.
Rinse the hot pepper under running water to remove the seeds and inner white membrane.
Cut the pairs of roe in half, taking care not to damage the membrane.
More funky was a membrane print traced on a stretch dress.
Peel the oranges with a sharp knife, removing all the white membrane.
To begin the sealing-off process, the tree grows a corky membrane between each branch and leaf stem.
It is amazing how thin the membrane is when it comes to civility.
One thing bacteria and archaea have in common, however, is the lack of a nucleus or other membrane-bound cellular substructures.
It also provides a clear membrane for the touch screen that was easy to fit.
The incorporation of saturated fatty acids into the cell decreases cellular membrane fluidity.
It's normally present as part of a larger protein in a muscle cell's outer membrane, where it lies dormant and inactive.
When the pressure is high enough, a membrane at the other end of the combustion chamber opens, and the mist and liquid fires.
The membrane on the biosensor's surface detects glucose as it diffuses out of the body's capillaries.
Instead, all the mutations in these bacteria were involved in transport and membrane proteins.
Together they provide a framework for the vocal folds, flaps of mucous membrane attached to muscles either side of the larynx.
Alcohol kills by cell membrane disruption due to the alcohol dissolving in the lipid membrane.
Bacteria in non-spore form cannot survive cell membrane disruption.
Life results from the chemical environment enclosed in a membrane.
Ions moving from one side of the membrane to the other create an electric current.
When exposed to blue light, these proteins open membrane channels, letting in sodium and calcium ions.
The pressure inside this membrane builds up until it ruptures and the metal-oxide material inside pours out in a jet.
When the battery is switched on, the electrode draws in oxygen through the membrane to react with the lithium ions.
On the other side of the membrane is a compartment with fluid flowing in the opposite direction.
When delivered to the brain or eyes via gene therapy, the protein sits on the cell membrane and opens when exposed to light.
Then all of a sudden, the light bouncing off the membrane began to wobble and dance.
Turning your hands into membrane-lined wings makes for some awkward trade-offs.
The receptor is a protein embedded in the membrane of cells.
Thrush is a yeast infection of the mucus membrane lining the mouth and tongue.
Inherited defects include membrane defects, hemoglobin abnormalities, and enzyme deficiencies.
Click the icon to see an image of the synovial membrane and cartilage in the knee joint.
Some can even harm the mucus membrane, and they can be dangerous to children who drink them.
It's the high end of a yodel, and the membrane is gone between my lower register and my upper.
The curtains are thin, a diaphanous membrane that can't quite contain the light outside.
The posterior border, to which the cord is attached, receives only a partial investment from that membrane.
It is lined by mucous membrane continuous above with that of the pharynx and below with that of the trachea.
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