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Glaciers are melting and they think that's, well, cool.
Once melting begins, more heat pours in and ever faster melting results.
Warmer temperatures are melting ice and eroding the world's glaciers.
Due to climate change substantial amounts of offshore sea ice are melting.
The city's small wooden homes were built on pilings to keep them from melting the permafrost, which would cause them to sink.
Use mozzarella for a melting texture and good cheesy flavor without a lot of fat.
Melting ice could slide off continental shelves and into the ocean faster than it's replaced by fresh snowfall.
Which leads to a strange melting of stories and times somewhere over the rainbow.
Even he, however, did not conceive of the idea of melting that ice by human agency.
Some scientists attribute the overflow to volcanic vents, heating the base of the glacier and melting the bottom layer of ice.
Ice is melting at the poles much faster than climate models predict.
The hills, gorges, streams and lakes were carved by glaciers melting thousands of years ago.
The shape gives cycloalkanes a higher melting point.
Melting glaciers and acidified oceans don't care about your social and economic views.
Sea levels are rising for two reasons-because water expands as it warms, and because ice is melting.
Such warming not only melted the ice but also created additional effects that led to further melting.
Melting down used plastic to make the next hipster tote.
But accelerated melting induced by this soot could cause flooding.
Melting polar ice is flowing into the world's oceans much faster than previously thought, new studies show.
Melting ice shelves do not raise the worldwide sea level, because this ice is already floating on the ocean.
The melting of an ice shelf, which is merely a floating projection into the sea, would not affect sea levels.
But when snowflake ice is melting on your tongue, it's tough to resist the urge to shout.
That's what happens when your lab sits on a melting ice floe.
Contact feels softer than butter melting in the sun.
Melting snow swells the river as the spring thaw moves north.
Floods from the melting ice washed out many of the local roads.
With the melting snow, that traffic may start again.
Some headphones are built for kicking back on the couch and melting into the music.
Few people speak unabashedly anymore about the ideal of the melting pot.
Normally the highest part of a tropical glacier gains thickness from snowfall during the wet season, making up for melting below.
If the trend worsens, melting ice and icebergs falling into the ocean could raise global sea levels substantially.
It's no surprise that a warming climate is melting the world's glaciers and polar ice.
For a coating or molding, melting alone won't do the job.
Since sea-ice is already in the water, its melting has little effect on sea levels.
Sagebrush slopes and mountain forest openings, often near melting snow.
Melting ice and rising seas threaten their lives and cultures.
Some environmental campaigners came dressed as melting polar bears.
They should think about melting ice that they have seen.
Subsurface aquifers or melting ground ice were floated as possible sources of the water.
Global warming is causing melting of the permafrost and shifting of species ranges.
Now are looking at six reactors in the next few days melting down.
The diesel fuel cools the walls of the machine, to keep the thing from melting.
So year after year for the same given amount of ice melting there will be less and less sea level rise.
They dragged themselves elsewhere, lit up by the flames, barefoot in the melting snow.
The purple and white monstrosity sat in our yard for a few weeks, melting in the rain.
Instead, its oddly resilient texture resists melting even while it so delectably does.
Sunlight-reflecting ice sheets would give way to sunlight-absorbing water, driving up temperatures and melting even more ice.
As it neared the sun, the surface would heat so rapidly that the ice turned from solid to gas without even melting.
My brain is burning, melting, is fecal matter sloshing in my skull.
Unfortunately, the top end of the temperature band is higher than the melting point of steel.
Not however higher than the melting point of graphite.
They claim that the melting ice on ocean will raise water level.
Even middle school science students in decent old wold will understand that melting ice on ocean will not raise water level.
Another research group has already predicted rapidly melting sea ice this summer, and the trend shows no sign of abating.
Once they had diamond melting, they started pumping up the pressure.
Mountains increase in height due to melting glaciers, becoming higher as they rebound against the missing weight of the ice.
If the latter was the case, it's possible that decompression melting liquefied some of the underlying asthenosphere.
Polar bears are flourishing, glaciers are not melting worldwide, sea levels are stable.
Not to mention the question of the frosting melting into your toaster.
But if you are the owner of a ski resort on a glacier, four months of melting is a major cause for concern.
The heat is not only melting glaciers and sea ice, it's also shifting precipitation patterns and setting animals on the move.
Spring is arriving sooner than before, and snowpack is melting as much as a month earlier.
In addition, warmer temperatures cause excess melting of ice caps and glaciers, raising sea levels and flooding estuaries.
His fears are confirmed when the melting of the polar ice caps overnight pours huge amounts of fresh water into the oceans.
Melting ice spurred an emergency nighttime evacuation of hundreds of people in the flood zone.
As water levels dipped, fuel rods were likely exposed to air, increasing the chances of melting-and of a catastrophic meltdown.
Underneath the plains, subduction is also melting rock into magma, which infuses the groundwater with heat and volcanic gases.
Gently whisk wet ingredients into the melting chocolate.
Consider the melting of snow in both the sought and north poles.
Phase change boundaries of melting, boiling, etc are shown as surfaces between the volumes.
The fresh water comes from melting ice and river run-off.
The melting of mountain glaciers around the world may not contribute as much to water supplies as thought, new research argues.
It's a melting pot for culture creating so many fine foods, music, architectural delights and entertainers.
It should also have as low a melting point as possible.
Glaciers are melting, temperatures are rising, and so is sea-level.
And when it lands on glaciers it accelerates their melting.
These are supposed to prevent fuel from melting and rupturing the protective steel case of the reactor vessels.
In addition, by melting glaciers, global warming reduces nature's storage capacity.
Most organ centers handle kidneys pre-transplant by washing, then submerging them in a preservation solution and melting ice.
The family farms were absolutely melting into the ground.
Ice caps are melting, and we're hearing that could push sea levels up.
Irrigation systems fed by melting snow from the mountains have already turned parts of the desert into rich farmland.

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