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In the hands of fabricators, the pellets would be melted and reshaped into containers, films and fibers.
And their grilled cheese consists of squeaky cheese and spices melted in a hoagie-roll panini, with gravy on the side.
As if that weren't enough, the floor was covered in water as the glacial ice melted from below.
He melted some butter in a copper saucepan and dumped in a pint of good gravy he had made the previous night.
Heat slowly on the stove, using a spoon to continuously mix the chocolate until it is completely melted.
Melted down, silver is worth a little more than four dollars an ounce.
Remember, my calculation was for the case where all the ice melted.
It can also be towed by another boat when the ice is melted.
When the ice melted, the slate would be lowered into place.
Everyone expected the insurgents to strike again once the snows had melted.
Add enough melted butter to make mixture of the right consistency to shape.
Add seasonings to melted butter, and put dish containing butter in saucepan of hot water to keep butter melted.
To be really true, all these ideals must be melted and welded into one.
Then, as water was needed in the summer, it would be slowly and carefully melted into the reservoir.
Once the material had melted, the researchers pulled the metal tip away, dragging material from the molten hotspot.
When exports collapsed a year ago, migrant workers in the factories melted back into the countryside.
Further complicating the prospects for central control, the police who once instilled terror have melted away.
National currencies have to be collected, and shredded or melted down.
Once the ice is melted, the air conditioner returns to normal operation.
Hot-wing aficionados will flip for these grilled shrimp, seasoned with bottled hot sauce and melted butter.
Heat butter in a small heavy saucepan until melted and bubbling.
Remove from heat and add butter, swirling pan until butter is melted.
Remove pot from heat, then stir in cheese until melted.
Pour hot milk mixture over cheese and blend until melted and smooth.
What melted soon solidified as industrial capitalism, a paradise for some at the expense of the many.
The new theory proposes that the inner heat that melted the core also melted the bottom layer of the mantle.
Lightly coat the dough with the melted butter and then roll it in the shredded cheese to coat it lightly.
Sprinkling some salt on the ice cube makes a little puddle of melted ice.
Melted snow that refreezes may cause a slick coating of ice to form on the surface of a layer.
Stir the mixture frequently, and keep it over heat until the ingredients are fully melted and blended.
He found that they gorged on seals in the spring and early summer, before breakup, then retreated to land as the ice melted.
One theory is that it was melted down to make bullets.
Within a couple of years an odd correlation had turned up: the more the surface melted, the faster the great pile of ice moved.
The fine particles of ash melted inside the engines, clogging them and causing all four to fail.
They will refreeze to a bigger existing ice crystal that hadn't melted already.
It is a lovely task to reserve the glacier melted water for harvesting.
If you ve never melted a frying pan frying an egg you can probably skip this part.
The polar ice caps have melted, leaving civilization underwater.
The danger is that the hot melted fuel would fall into water, instantly vaporizing it and causing a steam explosion.
The ones that aren't will have died off as the ice melted.
Global warming has already melted a lot of the worlds icecaps.
It can be destroyed, melted in and recycled into another bicycle, but this will be done on the foundation of the implicate order.
Most likely, the warmer temperatures would have melted the north polar sea ice.
Precipitation includes rain and melted snow or sleet in inches.
Precipitation, which includes rain and melted snow or sleet, and snowfall are in inches.
Combine the juice from the grilled lemons with melted butter and spoon over the artichokes.
Put milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until steam rises, then add butter and stir until melted.
There was another devoted to the joys of melted cheese.
The anchovies had melted into the savory sauce, adding a complex saline funkiness, and the meat was juicy and tender.
Boiling lakes of crude oil, twisted scraps of melted metal, and ominous billows of smoke and fire abound.
Some of the butter was cold, some room temperature, some melted.
Mossy zinc is a grainy textured zinc formed by pouring melted zinc metal into water.
Fat from cattle, sheep, and pigs was melted down into tallow and put into iron pots.
Rocks formed from melted rock that has cooled and solidified.
It was later found that about one-half of the core melted during the early stages of the accident.
Begin by placing a leaf of filo in the bottom of the pan and brush lightly with melted margarine.
On the volcano cone the hot surge swiftly melted snowpack, engendering large floods down surrounding valleys.
Various ridges, hills, plains and depressions were left as the ice melted.
The upper hose storage deck was completely burned and melted as result of the vehicle fire.
Pour the melted butter over veggies and add the dry ranch dressing and mix well.
The melted water will drain along the roof, under the snow, until it reaches the cold overhang.
Thermal spraying is a process in which metals are melted and sprayed on a surface to form a coating.
Remove pan from oven and rotate until melted butter is spread on bottom.
The plastic in contact with the rubber mouse melted.
It too is liquid at room temperature because it is all melted.
It can be stored in closed bottles at room temperature and melted by using a microwave oven or hot water bath.
She played until the ice melted, and then she stopped.

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