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Example sentences for melodious

Kern's melodious music is in the air this year, perhaps more than ever.
It's a charming, melodious ditty and as cute in its staging as a cuckoo clock.
The result is a melodious musical play about buried memory and reincarnation.
The remaining music included some convincing, melodious arias, but it was a cut-and-dried show.
The versification sustains the solemn spirit which breathes throughout: it is peculiarly melodious.
We hear them saying their melodious prayers at morning's blush and eventide.
The rhythmical flow, here, is even voluptuous-nothing could be more melodious.
The face is a little puffy, the figure a trifle plump and the old pipes are not so melodious and vibrant as they used to be.
The melodious cries of street vendors also cross the fuzzy border between speech and song.
The bird's bright blue color and melodious song make it a welcome visitor to backyards.
Also provides a forum for a more melodious and less stressful resolution of interpersonal disputes.
Quiet woods, trickling streams and melodious birds await.
The lark sparrow gets its name from its rich melodious song that resembles the songs of members of the lark family.
Rising above the sounds of the running water you hear the melodious singing of birds in the breeze.
They forage around the base of bushes and sometimes hop into the open on a higher perch to belt out their melodious tunes.
These crimson honeycreepers sip nectar from red lehua blossoms and fill the forest with melodious songs and whistles.
The numerous catbirds seemed especially melodious as they flitted around the shrubbery.

Famous quotes containing the word melodious

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