mellifluous in a sentence

Example sentences for mellifluous

The most noteworthy thing about him is his mellifluous voice.
In recent years, though, their personal relationship has reportedly been as fractious as their music was mellifluous.
These Samurai winners produce gravity-defying, mellifluous curls.
Surely such a mellifluous drawl cancels any possibility of elitism.
He was known for a swinging instrumental style balanced by mellifluous vocals.
You may read his mellifluous lines with something of the same simple pleasure which the original gives you.
His writing burbles along in mellifluous multiple clauses and asides.
What sounds dissonant to you may sound quite mellifluous to me.
His color analysis offers no mellifluous tones and little technical talk.
Most singers are pretty bland, mellifluous.
Clay's eloquence, wit and mellifluous voice were known to move listeners to tears.
There was nothing soaring about his oratory, nothing ornate or mellifluous.
The substance of his best pieces is immaterial, and their value is their mellifluous sweetness of sound.
He reads poetry to her in a voice she describes as so mellifluous it puts her to sleep.
He called to inquire about the time and, as the story goes, she was intrigued by his mellifluous voice.
His voice is mellifluous and folksy, his cadence slow and thoughtful.
His voice is a gorgeous instrument, mellifluous even when he's yelling, which he does an awful lot.
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