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At some point a fight erupted between several party-goers and knives were used in the melee.
At least one person was hurt in the melee.
So what is making me do it, making me re-enter the emotional melee that is the job search? A variety of reasons, all good.
In the resulting melee, two officers were injured and five businesses damaged.
Rescue teams reported that nine other people were wounded in the melee.
In the melee, some 50 soldiers and 50 civilians were wounded and more than 20 civilians killed.
And the next day, the police claimed that we started the melee by throwing rocks and bottles, which was patently absurd.
Rather than slow the action down, these documents add to the grim melee.
The first issue is that this kind of a melee occurred.
The slide sparked a bench-clearing melee.
In the melee, the stationmaster's car is torched.
The only meerkat bits visible in the melee were wildly threshing tails.
They feared the melee and uncertainty that an aftermath would bring.
The interim melee is stretching everyone's patience.
No one knows what actually happened in the melee that followed.
Panicked sardines threw themselves into the air and splashed back into the melee.
Paramilitary groups entered the melee with rocks, sticks, and iron bars.
It's a clever way to keep melee combat a practical thing in the future.
Drake can now engage in melee combat with more than one enemy at at time, and he's got a few new cool moves.
Scores of demonstrators and police officers were injured in the melee.
The witnesses said gunfire was exchanged in the melee, including from people shooting from rooftops.
Darkness settled over a confused melee as soldiers fired at opposing muzzle flashes.
They loved seeing each other get wet and without my supervision it would have been a big, wet melee among the boys.
Small spoons and metal jigs have been two of the more popular lures to use when casting into such a melee.
The melee spilled out into the hallway outside the ballroom.
One of the home invaders was also shot by the other in the melee.
Other times an underwater melee can be spotted by a slick on the surface and heavy marks on a depth finder.

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