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But the original designer's meld of the raw and the refined was inevitably missing.
The desire to meld my work and family life is also what brought me to the community college.
As hologram and data-transmission technologies improve over the next decade, the rooms will increasingly meld together, he says.
There he managed to meld abstraction and antiquity, painting and drawing, lament and reverie.
Soft gray and white towels and neutral-toned bath accessories meld with the overall palette.
Someday humans and computers will meld to create cyborgs.
Other computer programs can meld clips from movies, plays, or ballet.
If you can look locally, you get people excited about solutions, which can then meld into a larger thing.
Sweet bay shrimp meld perfectly with grilled corn and creamy risotto.
We've chosen our favorite houses that meld style with globally conscious living.
Its food and ownership also meld old and new, traditional and innovative.
The booths' aesthetic choice wasn't motivated by a desire to meld low-tech form with high-tech function.
These are simply warmed in peanut or vegetable oil, and allowed to steep until the flavors meld.
Not surprisingly, companies are trying to find ways to meld the two.
Toss together and add cheese in three or four parts, tossing each to meld with sauce.
The result is a powerful meld of mechanical engineering and electrophysiology.
At the time, it struck me as an interesting attempt to meld crisis control with a promotion of local tourist attractions.
Several are models of how to meld point of view with reporting and erudition.
The seasonings on the chicken meld perfectly with the seasonings of the colorful corn and red pepper.
It's best if you let the salad sit for about an hour so the flavors meld before you serve it.
He explained how he looks at birds to see how colors meld on their plumage.
Soft gray and white towels and neutral-toned bath accessories meld with the overall palette of the room.
Our goal is to enhance their leadership potential by helping them meld theory and practice to become more effective change agents.
AS often happens these results did not meld with the invested interests of the time, and were therefore disparaged and ignored.
There are scientific, ethical, and political considerations at play that do not always meld together well.
They require electronics to meld into the grid that raises the costs well above the break even point.
But when you try to meld the two, there is an incompatibility, a hostility.
Then it could collide and meld into the fire-tornado.
Thrills, spills, and science meld in a big new balloon collection.
You've had so much success in both theater and television and now you get to meld those two worlds together.
To conquer the cosmos, it seems obvious we'll have to meld mind with machine.
And sometimes tradition and new technology meld, if not marry.
The equation: meld an ancient locale with ultra-cool decor and forward-thinking management.

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