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Example sentences for melancholy

He had no successful military experience, no formal education, and suffered from depression and melancholy all his life.
It seemed to be one of the saddest places on earth, not the worst just melancholy.
Next week is our last full week together before I head back, and we all are melancholy.
Amid the melancholy, there is a glimmer of resilience and a hope that feels hard-won.
His romances were brilliant and powerful, but his own life seemed muted and melancholy.
But a kind of pleasant melancholy had set in which no amount of vodka and caviar could cure.
Happy music made happy faces seem even happier while sad music exaggerated the melancholy of a frown.
In his jacket photo, though, he looked quietly intense and appealingly melancholy.
Among other things, the two were bound by melancholy.
Makes you feel happy again, with no more reason than you felt melancholy before.
Indeed, even in a badly run organisation, work can have a certain melancholy pleasure.
They surface all the time in small, melancholy gestures.
It is not that melancholy has gone out of style or that it has been medicated away.
He was subject to bouts of melancholy and what were probably epileptic fits early in life.
Such a place leaves little room for self-indulgent melancholy.
The same mobile melancholy, dreamy, objectless melancholy.
In this view there is no story to tell about his melancholy.
Over the day's proceedings hangs an air of melancholy.
Some physicians said their behavior could be explained simply by melancholy humors.
Ordinary melancholy would have looked ecstatic by comparison.
Great intelligence officers often have the melancholy job of telling their superiors things they don't want to hear.
If he is melancholy and heavy, his clothes are joyful and weightless.
Understated irony, ever so faintly tinged with melancholy, was his style.
Her well-shaped, slightly voluptuous lips form a striking contrast to the to the melancholy darkness of her eyes.
And he gave me such a detail of misfortunes now existing, or that were soon to exist, that he left me half melancholy.
Our columns today contain a melancholy record of the effects of drunkenness.
The melancholy was unusual, but the deaths were not.
The lyric poem is all about the beauty of the season and the melancholy mood that occurs as fall turns into winter.
Today this enigmatic picture also conveys a sense of irony and a hint of melancholy.
Anxiety became acute melancholy and eventually confined him to a darkened room.

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