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In any case, those stories were never quite as megalomaniac as he seems to think.
When things are going well, a board will generally put up with an unco-operative megalomaniac.
The authors depict him as a delusional megalomaniac.
And much of the rest is going on state-driven projects, reinforcing the state's rent-seeking or megalomaniac proclivities.
It also has the advantage of not being dominated by a single megalomaniac figure.
Any megalomaniac politician with dreams of leading the country with his or her grandiose schemes is soon thwarted.
Where there was one megalomaniac in power, there is now a myriad of power-brokers.
The unhinged megalomaniac needs to be removed, before he destabilises the world.
Now, it is tempting to dismiss such statements as the quixotic ravings of a known megalomaniac.

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The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming... more
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