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Example sentences for megalomania

McCall seems to have a special place in his demolition kit for megalomania, of both the imperial and technological variety.
There is a fine line between selling yourself and megalomania, and this guy leaped over it.
In the 1960s, one French politician accused it of “morbid megalomania”.
He also displayed a certain flair for megalomania.
Drooling over racks of totalitarian resort finery, I succumbed to delusions of megalomania.
Jackson's transparent megalomania and obsession with commercial stature and glory have become the enemies of his art.
My megalomania is not egocentric.
In Chaplin's satiric film the globe is a balloon, an emblem of megalomania, which suddenly bursts in the fictional tyrant's face.
People in the second group have a slight case of megalomania.

Famous quotes containing the word megalomania

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