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Example sentences for mega

Have you considered using insulin and liquid mega vitamins.
Bring back the small farms, that would end unemployment, feed the nation and stop the pollution from mega factory farms.
My kids and all of their friends got through middle school without the issues that plagued many in my big mega middle school.
The mega map occupies a large wall, or can be used on the floor.
The turbulence created by this mega storm is brutal, the sound, deafening.
We listened as they wove threads of a sustainable future with the threats of impeding mega tanker traffic.
To accommodate these toys, all mega yachts used to be powerboats, for the simple reason that sailboats must be reasonably svelte.
But that failure can be taken as testimony to the demand for such a mega-library.
But now similar technology, on a smaller scale, is becoming affordable for the less-than-mega-rich.
But what you are asking for is a mega-personal-information-management suite, and that would take some central planning.
Let us not attribute anything else to empty space which is infinite void of nothing three dimensional container of mega universe.
Stylish teenagers flock to the gleaming mega-mall, watched by shirtless beggars crouched in gutters.
There are few prospects for mega-discoveries that could keep up with fast-growing world demand.
Because building new mega-dams to supply conventional hydro generation requires flooding of thousands of acres of land.
It seems to find such mega-projects easier to implement than reforming routine public services.
Some scholars worry about social breakdown in poor mega-cities.
Another problem is the lack of real mega projects, which can solve the key issues of modern society.
The return of the mining mega-merger was no surprise.
It is not the product of a headline-grabbing mega-merger.
But all this is of little consolation if a mega-merger means that your local airport will now be served by a single giant.
As the world's population grows, people are crowding into mega-metropolises, where life's risks are horribly concentrated.
The luxury-goods industry is often said to be immune to such ups and downs, since the mega-rich go on spending no matter what.
The small store is a format that suits mega-cities in emerging markets where shops that are close to home are valued.
In every slump, in every recession, governments seek to invest in mega projects.
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