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The droll conference room meeting of yore is a thing of the past.
For almost an hour, the meeting focused on departmental business.
Expectations for stem cells undergo some reprogramming at annual research meeting.
First of all, there is the intense joy in meeting his painting.
Each organization lists plants meeting stringent performance standards.
Which meeting you attend really makes a difference- in regards to both the leader and the regulars.
He wowed an audience of schoolchildren at a town-hall-style meeting.
Meeting debates ethics of revealing genetic findings.
Fresh powder outside your door pretty much guarantees you won't make that morning meeting.
As is the case in many senior searches, candidates spent the day meeting and meeting and meeting.
But it was quite by accident that the meeting happened.
Your soul is slowly shriveling while enduring the second work meeting of the day.
Trustees were not available today, but they have scheduled a closed meeting next week to discuss the matter.
Meeting those people has given me a real optimism about the future.
Imagine a robot filling in for you at a meeting you can't make.
The board meets three or four times a year, and the business portion of each meeting lasts about five hours.
Ignition interlocks-- technologies that prevent people from driving drunk--are meeting some unlikely hurdles.
We may never know the outcome of such a prehistoric encounter-or even if a meeting occurred.
Meeting a star is a little nerve wracking at the best of times.
The scientist announced his research last week at an academic meeting.
There was no mention of confidentiality at the meeting and no agreement to sign.
Reverberations from this meeting are still felt to this day.
At the southern end, old-timers say, their meeting hall used to stand in the middle of the village.
Suddenly every commercial is food-related, every meeting in the office has a box of donuts brought in by the devil.
And children respond to those expectations by either meeting them or rejecting them.
The need to rethink the scholarly reward system came up time and again at the meeting.
One may be shy, while the other loves meeting new people.
Using the puppet, tell the students that they will be meeting a new friend.
He'd remembered my name from a meeting we'd arranged years before, and put in the order for our release.
There were two votes related to vaccine research at the meeting.
Online dating services allow more advance communication, but the first face-to-face meeting is always a bit of a surprise.
The meeting was about acquiring a company of a friend.
Moving to a different hotel would be quite challenging, especially if one is at a convention or other major meeting.
As the two-week meeting unfolded, however, conflict kept disrupting this peaceable kingdom.
Each lateral angle corresponds with the point of meeting of the brachia and inferior peduncle.
At the first meeting, which was held yesterday, the chair.
The optic chiasma is formed by the meeting and partial decussation of the fibers of the two optic nerves.
With a literal imitation of camp-meeting racket, and trance.
When scientific means are employed to prevent this meeting, one is said to practice birth control.
The lie of the land was such that the proposed meeting-place had the lake upon the one side and the forest upon the other.
Or it might have done were it not for events at the company's annual general meeting.
And so the old guard tabled a no-confidence motion, forcing an extraordinary general meeting.
Output grew faster than sales, as firms refilled their warehouses as well as meeting customers' orders.
The meeting and the accident convinced him that he should use his visual talents rather than his mechanical ones.
Each week, someone starts the meeting by giving personal testimony, secure in the support of the audience.
And without him, the meeting never would have happened.
He will abruptly leave a meeting, shut himself off in a side room, and return refreshed a half hour later.
It's easy to imagine him meeting dull student questions with the liveliest of answers.
Describes a product-strategy meeting the writer attended.
Brainstorming enshrined a no-judgments approach to holding a meeting.
He came instantly to the phone then, agreed readily to their meeting.
More and more of the funding was allocated to the people not meeting the minimum educational requirements.
Seven months later, she ate a peanut butter cookie at a transplant support group meeting.
Nevertheless, at every coffee break during the three-day meeting, one or more participants would gravitate to the telescope.
Despite his failing strength, his lectures had been meeting with a triumphal reception.
There's only a faint sense that the language of photography is meeting the language of painting.
Call it a meeting of minds among consensual political adults.
Agendas, briefs, and transcripts for each meeting will be posted as soon as they are available.

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