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So go ahead and join, spend some time with your fellow adrenaline addicts or chess junkies, or whoever is new that you meet.
Team members who are greedy for money or power will meet a nasty end, possibly one involving pecking.
Good intentions meet the bottom line.
Once you reach your destination, set off to meet the locals.
Good looks meet utility in a bucket.
The participants, however, say the Beijing meet was a better performance because of the strength of the field.
With a pencil, mark where the corners of the frame meet the tabletop.
So we would only meet for a few hours every four days.
So men meet friends, then part with them for ever.
He lost weight to meet the Army's physical requirements.
We will meet tomorrow for our formal interview.
Yet they can retain surprisingly rich character even when the sauces are adjusted to meet low-fat criteria.
The old and the new meet in the streets of Beijing.
Meet three individuals who are helping to redefine exploration.
Ponder the riddle of the reefs, meet the mudskippers, marvel at on-the-go ghost crabs.
Meet this intrepid mountaineer and share her odysseys to the world's highest places.
We own a small boat and take it along the river to meet with as many fishers as possible.
Wild sheep live in social groups, but rams and ewes typically meet only to mate.
Meet the members of the tangled human family tree.
If the timing is right, day-trippers may also get the chance to meet an astronaut and even view a liftoff.
And he recently had the good fortune to meet the famous chef and watch him in action.
Cool and warm waters meet here and trigger a great, green upwelling of life.
Further, it is entirely possible to meet current physical activity guidelines while still being incredibly sedentary.
And the amount of veggies eaten still didn't meet government recommendations.
The simplest being that they actually meet each other in school.
But unfortunately, today people from different academic backgrounds do not meet and talk to each other so much.
And you have to often change course in the middle in order to meet sociological issues as opposed to technological ones.
It could then sell its extra permits to other polluting companies struggling to meet their emissions quota.
Artificial flavors are those that are made from components that do not meet this definition.
The bone is in the mid-tarsal region, where the heel bone and forefoot meet.
Companies and all of them in the business world are doing everything to meet their consumer s demands and that s us.
Sapped energy is not the same thing as failure to meet a target.
Meet the upstarts and start-ups driving change in the culinary world.
It's a holiday and the royals go out to meet the people.
You'll obviously meet the dog, learn what you can about him, and make a good decision.
Smaller seminars may meet outside when the sun is shining.
Papers of the length you describe couldn't possibly meet that time limit.
One of the first things on his to-do list was to meet as many faculty and staff members as possible.
It doesn't have enough planes to meet demand for its flights.
Typically fruit flies meet each other over rotten fruit.
The need to meet regular payments imposes a discipline on corporate executives, ensuring they keep a lid on costs.
Instead, it vows to meet the cost out of future taxation.
Without such a system in place, tough economic reforms will meet public resistance.
Mining firms, straining to meet soaring demand, are keen to invest heavily in the region.
But manufacturing capacity is now being increased more than eight-fold to meet demand.
It opened last summer, but not enough cars came off the production line to meet a huge surge of early orders.
The response to his recommendations about coffees and coffee-makers was typical--suppliers scrambled to meet the demand.
Then, it established an energy price that would allow the utility to meet its revenue target at the expected level of sales.
Here they meet and become joined to one another by connective tissue, but there is never any fusion of the thymus tissue proper.
About the sixth week the two parts of the pancreas meet and fuse and a communication is established between their ducts.
Let us meet them with faith and courage, with patience and a grateful and happy heart.
First, the creative power unleashed by the free-market system will always allow for new and innovative ways to meet demand.
The challenge would seem absurd-but if you were to change the roses to faces, nearly everyone could meet it.
Now, after getting a tip-off, he had come to the docks to meet an anonymous informant who claimed to have the skinny on the thief.
After an hour she arrives and says her mom wants to meet you.
Mamie said that she would meet the others at a restaurant across the street, then disappeared, boyfriend in tow.
But every once in a while they'd meet up on the road, for old time's sake.
It didn't always meet his standard of unintimidated truthfulness.
He wanted to meet the readers who wrote those letters.
Readers consume volumes of it, and then ask to meet the author.
Of course it is capitalism: when there are demands there are supplies to meet them.
At dawn and dusk, they are especially busy-older people meet in groups to chat and take a few rounds on the pendulum.
There's presently no certification for cosmetics, so for beauty products to be labeled organic, they must meet food standards.
So governors appoint pardons boards and meet with legal counselors, who take the political heat for controversial cases.
We meet them one morning in the kitchen, talking through each other's smoke.
School does offer children an opportunity to escape their homes and meet new friends.
Projects that must be rushed to completion to meet an urgent deadline can incur punishing overtime charges.
Only rarely is a news item about them published, and their freedom to meet people from the outside is curtailed.
One has to wonder what sights will meet the eyes of fliers a decade or two hence, for the entire region is in transition.
Meet him behind the line with the ball in your hand and you're likely not going far.
They can be safe places where adults and children can meet for play or learning.
Winners get immediate global attention and the chance to meet and influence leaders and governments everywhere.

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