meekness in a sentence

Example sentences for meekness

The native took it with meekness not showing in his face or manner any resentment.
Her wonderful humility, meekness, and patience are celebrated in the lives of the fathers of the desert.
He was admirable in all virtues, particularly in a heavenly meekness and humility.
Nothing was more remarkable than his meekness on all occasions.
When any private persons thwarted or opposed his pious designs, he triumphed over their obstinacy by meekness and patience.
Some glances of real beauty may be seen in their faces who dwell in true meekness.
Marvin's meekness makes him such an inviting target for bullying that even normally friendly dogs turn vicious in his presence.
Tier meekness and courtesy, and effort to please, had won.

Famous quotes containing the word meekness

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The Gospel of the army is cunning, as of all other human activities. The wisdom of the snake under the meeknessmore
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