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We have the technology to move to a more efficient, convenient, freely flowing medium of exchange.
As a medium of exchange, it functions as a public utility, similar to public roads.
And since the yuan is already a good store of value, it will soon also become a medium of exchange.
Money can only be used as an accepted medium of exchange or an instrument of calculation.
Some residents of foreign countries hold dollars as a store of value, while others use it as a medium of exchange.
No other medium of exchange shall be used by prisoners to pay for goods or services.
No banker, no politician can stop that by destroying one medium of exchange.
People will find or create another medium of exchange.
Cash may be defined as any medium of exchange that a bank will accept at face value.
Certificates from the warehouses were a medium of exchange with local tobacco merchants.
Linen fabric, millennia before coinage was invented, served as a medium of exchange and a measure of wealth.
In a country with little or no actual money, deer hides became the medium of exchange.
Nations of the world today use gold as a medium of exchange in monetary transactions.
The medium of exchange was typically tortoise shell formed into disks strung together and worn around the owner's neck.

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As a medium of exchange,... worrying regulates intimacy, and it is often an appropriate response to ordinar... more
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