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But the choreography that follows the reading proceeds with a meditative calm.
These and other questions are provocatively raised in this meditative self-published breakout best seller.
Whatever the case, he left the world of recorded sound a much richer place with his pastoral, meditative vocals.
Children, who don't yet appreciate the rewards of a meditative pace, race through it.
New research reveals the cell mechanisms underlying a meditative state.
Watching it is as meditative as sitting by a stream.
But eating alone can be a relaxing, almost meditative experience.
Through meditative practices, you can reach higher usage.
He could talk to us about business, about résumé writing, about advanced meditative practice.
Yoga offers a rigorous workout as well as a meditative perspective.
His fastidious graphite depictions of woven and knotted threads have a mesmerizing, meditative quality.
And now these meditative works, a welcome reactivation.
Yoga: the meditative breathing exercises that isolate and release tension and channel the flow of positive energy in the body.
But making gnocchi from scratch is not a bad meditative exercise on a stay-at-home winter day.
But while the work is indeed slow and methodical, it is also serene, even meditative.
The visitors themselves aren't really visitors but devotees, meditative and fervent.
Meditative practices and how they work is a straightforward, interesting psychological question.
It is not expressed precisely in single poems, but rather is present in all, as key and interpretation of her meditative scrutiny.
Because, of course, it's an incredibly meditative experience.
Normally a lively couple, the two now seem quiet and meditative.
Few things are as meditative as cooking a bubbling pot of rice.
It was a night of meditative music that found beauty in austerity: quiet drones and restrained melodic soliloquies.
In the ballet's second section, there are slower, more meditative encounters for three couples on a darker stage.
No one is in the room, so you get into a meditative state.
Practice is stimulating and rewarding, almost meditative.
Slow, laborious and meditative, it's everything contemporary culture is not.
In both, he sits in a meditative pose with his legs crossed.
He handles language with the skill of a master craftsman, yet his poems are easily accessible, often meditative and surprising.

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