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Was the climate really hotter during medieval times?
We rented a medieval tower and toasted on top of it over Bologna at night.
Writers— ancient, medieval and modern— have never been able to arrive at a common answer to these questions.
Studying medieval literature seemed like a perfectly natural undertaking.
The medieval cathedral loomed above the city, almost sinister in its bulk.
She began to work as a historian, and she published a history of medieval Baku.
And the sea's silty, cold waters made visibility almost nonexistent for the intrepid few who wanted to explore the medieval ruins.
It would be a quick and easy test to trip up such a medieval contraption.
On his belt there are huge keys, of the size and shape that might open some medieval castle.
Quake, in that stifling summer, resembled a spooky medieval theme park still under construction.
Medieval weapons tipped with steel spikes or sharp beaks probably caused these wounds, she proposes.
There's another way of counting blue moons that dates back to medieval times.
As a result, our world has reverted to a low-technology state, almost medieval in nature.
Nothing the x-ray technician needs to know can be applied to market research, for instance, or to teaching medieval history.
Medieval scholastics are reputed to have enjoyed debating how many angels you can fit on the head of a pin.
Besides the good looks, they said they yearned for the sense of adventure and honour of the medieval era.
The myth that a shortage of money causes depressions is a medieval concept.
Robots of the future might end up resembling medieval monsters, with shrews' heads, octopuses' arms and lampreys' bodies.
Popular myth suggests that through the medieval era personal hygiene was far from a priority.
Since medieval times, the desire to make maps of the world remains a story of both necessity and art.
If you look at scripts in medieval manuscripts, this kind of mistake is easy to make.
Other cruises cater to particular interests, such as medieval castles.
He drove a converted red fire truck stocked with medieval-looking tools.
Sixteenth century medieval wall of the pre-enclosure period.
Get a taste of life, land, and culture in this nation still influenced by its ancient origins and medieval glory.
Bony outgrowths along a medieval monk's spine indicate that he was severely obese.
Medieval monks may have been more gluttonous than godly.
Yes, medieval monks did begin to cultivate strawberries and raspberries.
Bars and restaurants flow into the nearby maze of streets, where once stood medieval artisan shops.

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