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Example sentences for mediator

The mediator could help them resolve their dispute, or help them break up the business.
Negotiators for both sides will meet with a state mediator this afternoon.
Twitter is a communication utility, not a mediator of content.
The job of flight attendant is said to require the skills of a teacher, pastor, counselor and mediator.
Probably there should be a mediator there who has a little bit of skill.
It's a mediator of all the voices that impinge on it.
When a dispute exists between two sides, say in a court of law or in a territorial land claim, there is often a mediator.
Without third parties to act as a mediator between government transparency and the people, the new openness is only translucent.
The role of a professional mediator or peer mediator is to facilitate conflict resolution through the use of verbal communication.
It would only be fair since language is indeed the mediator of their entire education.
Yesterday he admitted that his efforts to act as a mediator between the government and opposition had failed.
The mayor's camp ended up playing mediator and facilitator.
That's hardly to minimize the role of the mediator, of course.
He has offered the services of a mediator and a neutral space for negotiation, but so far, his offer has not been accepted.
His background in mental health and law contributes to his proficiency as a mediator.
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