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But to telescopes above the meddling atmosphere, the sky is aglow with infrared light.
To see them meddling in academic matters they do not understand is indeed troubling.
Who does it exactly is not essential and to micromanage as such would be seen as meddling.
Fine wits destroy themselves with their own plots, in meddling with great affairs of state.
There can be no meddling with the laws of righteousness, of decency, of morality.
The point is that the government should not be meddling in our lives and screwing millions of people.
So more human meddling with the climate to move a hurricane is hardly going to be helpful.
Everything else is subject to political horse trading and accusations of government meddling.
Scientists fought for the right to operate independently of the meddling and interference of the church.
But that should apply to all dietary recommendations and government meddling in consumer choice.
In spite of this writers keep writing in the face of bureaucratic meddling and foreign indifference.
The board was supposed to be independent precisely to avoid such meddling.
Those who chafe under our paternalistic meddling are encouraged to run off and start yer own blog.
In order for a private space industry to flourish, it's best to keep the government from meddling in it.
Meddling with it can be dangerous-as the coalition is discovering.
Meddling with the prices of unhealthy food starts the government down a slippery slope.
Families, once considered beyond the reach of state meddling, are now the focus of much attention.
Political meddling and match-fixing have diminished.
Scientists are wondering how to improve health by meddling with your microbes.
And they are keen to play to their own base with displays of unflinching opposition to government meddling.
We need to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.
Defiant words for a regional bully bent on meddling in domestic affairs.
The bishops are well aware that they are leaving themselves open to charges of meddling in affairs beyond their competence.
Rather, the financial turmoil is a direct result of decades of government meddling in the marketplace and bad housing policies.
Most cities are going to be fearful that the state is meddling a little too much.
Recognize and reward success by establishing charter districts that would have freedom from bureaucratic meddling.
We pay the price for meddling in two thousand year old conflicts that will still be there in the next two thousand years.

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