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Great mischief is possible if boards try to meddle with the substance of the curriculum.
In banking too, the government has shown an itch to meddle.
Do not meddle in the affairs of geeks, for they are subtle and will get even.
Unfortunately, such dysfunctions tend to remain unaddressed because no outsider wants or dares to meddle in a marriage.
Some of the central bank's power to meddle has been reduced.
Recently if seems they want to meddle more, which will make things worse.
Meddle with a campus's schedule, they say, and you are meddling with its basic metabolism.
Nor would it meddle in the detail of compensation packages.
Even the centrists within the party agree that the government needs to meddle in the economy more than it once did.
Possibly, as long as investors do not meddle too closely.
It is, at its core, a dispute over the commission's right to meddle in the internal affairs of a state.
By retaining big minority stakes or golden shares, successive governments have kept their capacity to meddle.
He says-surprise-that the world's big powers should not meddle in his region.
So it can and does meddle in policies that used to be the preserve of other departments.
If you meddle with it you're only gonna make it worse.
Few of the princes, politicians and strongmen who wield ultimate authority over these firms can resist the urge to meddle.
But they have rarely forfeited control and have remained inclined to meddle.
The publication of official statistics was curtailed, for fear that it would encourage civil servants to meddle.
Or perhaps he fears giving the army an excuse to meddle openly in politics yet again.
Underlying the feud was a complaint that since only three members hold regular jobs, the board has time to meddle in management.
Nobody should meddle lightly with long-established parliamentary procedure.
The king's power went unchecked for many centuries, with no parliament to meddle in the kingdom's affairs.
Fortunately, there are now some powerful constraints on governments' ability to meddle.
Some have been quick to mock what they see as the government's increasing propensity to meddle.
It is only a small step for leaders to feel they have a right to meddle in politics as well.
Policemen feel free to torture, soldiers to meddle in political affairs and civil servants to whitewash their abuses.
So, there's no net difference to society at large either way, and so there's no reason for the government to meddle in it.
The more that outsiders meddle, the deeper the regime digs in.
The problem is allowing powerful people and influence groups meddle with politics.
Fed has been in full meddle mode for several years now.
Fate, which really ought to be down for the count by now, marshals the energy to meddle again.
Meddle, and you snap the sinews with your sumptuary laws.
We meddle to incite war because war is a racket, and because it allows big business elitists to control their foreign holdings.
One of the popular arguments against radical human enhancement is that you shouldn't meddle with nature.
Jack is no longer the new executive dropped in from above to meddle with the show.
If you must meddle, there are several ways to encourage more retirement saving.
It would also be comforting to know that neither shareholders nor the government would meddle in large or small business affairs.
Strike at the root or else not meddle with the tree at all.
One sphere of power was not to meddle in the affairs of the other.

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