medallion in a sentence

Example sentences for medallion

Around her neck, she wears a tiny medallion bearing the picture of her powerful father.
There is a gas station with not one but six medallion cabs filling their tanks.
If you look closely, he's wearing a cheetah medallion.
At each place setting was a commemorative bronze medallion wrapped in white paper and pink ribbon.
The festival also includes a hidden medallion hunt and a petting zoo.
The resort provides organized activities, including minnow races, medallion hunts and ice cream socials.
The marble floor with an intricate wooden medallion in the middle.
There are no cash prizes, but winners receive a certificate and a bronze medallion.
Get information about yellow taxi medallion sales.
Medallion owners who are not represented by an agent will file a single return for the medallions that you own.
Medallion owners must also satisfy outstanding summonses before their medallion is renewed.
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