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Unfortunately, there are few effective control measures.
These measures are based on the following principles.
Along the way, it's fascinating to see the measures taken to protect the bluffs.
Among other accomplishments, the emperor standardized weights and measures and introduced a uniform writing script.
The instrument maps water movement and measures the river's depth.
Steinmetz's work led to the measures used to protect power equipment from lightning strikes.
Harlan's confirmation was slowed by his past support for discriminatory measures.
The central bank has taken a number of measures this year to restrict credit.
Most measures also include aspects of the minimum quality of functioning of government.
And this month fresh measures were introduced with the widespread roll-out of full-body scanners.
Emergency measures to prevent economic collapse boosted the size and power of government in many countries.
But look how closely the two measures track each other.
Despite these statistical merits, there are several reasons not to rely blindly on core measures.
The manner in which some of these new measures have been introduced is also alarming.
We need intelligent targeted measures in addition to the blanket measures which have grandma getting a pat down.
Oh, and keep up the good work with your municipal gun control measures.
In a few cases randomized trials have tried to look at specific prevention measures.
Scientists have linked happiness with so-called social capital, which includes measures of public trust and cooperation.
The vapor pressure of water thus measures the amount of water vapor in the air.
My family reports that heroic measures, involving many machines and medications, kept me alive.
The rise could be slowed without taking any direct measures to control population.
Certainly not every profession has these hurdles, nor requires such measures.
Living with the knowledge of the disease and lack of preventive measures were reasons given for declining.
And their findings suggest measures that could help people abstain.
Here are some measures you can take to avoid trouble if you're caught in a tsunami.
Certainly, the plastic industry continues to challenge these measures, strongly debating the environmental and energy benefits.
The edible root, which measures one and a half to two inches in length, resembles a dahlia tuber.
Describe what each instrument is and how it works, without stating what it measures.
While you may be tempted to start researching solar panels, saving electricity does not necessarily require drastic measures.
These wilder places are natural candidates for conservation measures.
Wildcat populations are known to be vulnerable to fragmentation of ancient forest habitats and vermin-control measures.
Each cell measures about one-ten-thousandth of a millimeter wide.
Pavement ants prefer greasy foods, sweets and proteins, so your primary preventive measures begin in the kitchen.
Learn more about the snow leopard and see how new measures are being developed to track its population.
The cavity is wider above than below, and measures more in the vertical than in the transverse diameter.
Many government national-security measures involve maintaining a huge database of information that individuals cannot access.
The lines below connect raters to each of the measures they take into account.
Notice how few measures are shared by two or more raters.
Resources, time, and the emphasis on direct measures and indirect measures rather than quality indicators.
The graduate students who both taught and did research scored higher on those measures, the study found.
Researchers say protective measures should be taken now, before outbreaks are detected.
But infrared video, which measures temperature, shows them treating the two species differently.
It means that there is time to set up measures that limit further exposure and to screen people who might already be affected.
Small measures are in mm, larger measures are in metres.
For any new technology there must be preventive measures.
It only measures problem solving and reasoning well if you fit the profile it was designed for yes.
The simulator measures how fast, accurately and aggressively the driver follows the route.
She had brought her blood glucose meter, the handheld machine that measures blood sugar levels.
These small samples and imprecise measures might explain why the results have been so inconsistent.
In the age of austerity measures, research programs studying biodiversity have become an object of scrutiny.
Then, there would be no reason to believe that a college should be obliged to admit on the basis of these measures alone.
Some people fixate more on the proxy measures than the underlying variable which it is intended to measure.
And with sewage contaminating more waterways and public spaces every day, the need for effective sanitation measures is dire.
We can see this coming and take measures to minimize the effects.
It measures how much activator and precursor exist in each segment and decides how they affect the levels in neighboring ones.
Even when people are counting their seventy-three measures of rest correctly, there can be a doubt.
Since headlines never tally the children who are saved, the measures are incomplete.
Those measures, it's safe to say, are band-aids on a tumor.
In the short term, all that matters is what measures are taken next.
And although there are myriad measures of a company's health, nothing looks scarier than a stock price that's heading toward zero.
His detention, by all visible measures, was not impromptu.
Presumably, less stringent measures haven't worked, or the behavior would not have occurred.
And new security measures protect everyone's data.
But the majority of these apps merely make it easier for patients to record health measures, such as weight or blood pressure.
The device then locks the relevant beam onto the artery and measures its blood flow.
Researchers will compare the readings with later diagnosis based on brain imaging and other measures.
But these measures will only help reduce the amount of big junk.
The forest service's current system is similar but much less sophisticated: it only measures two portions of the light spectrum.
Whatever the merits of this approach, performance measures are part of the landscape for working scientists.
Indeed, by several measures, the fuel is better than conventional jet fuel.
The spectrometer then measures two qualities of the reflected rays.
In the complexity of today's experience, it often seems as if simultaneous events were unfolding with different measures.
But for too long, too many facilities have failed to take these basic measures.
So it is important to see whether direct measures of material hardship tell the same story.
The consequent change of government and drastic budgetary measures have been described well enough in any number of newspapers.
In theory, budgetary constraints have forced these measures on reluctant deans.
There is always a tendency to blame unpalatable measures on the king's ministers rather than on the king himself.
When it comes to taking any regulatory measures, however, the case is less clear.
If an interloper manages to evade the cameras and somehow get inside, he will face other high-tech security measures.
It is only if the punk later persists, or challenges you directly, that you have to resort to more drastic measures.
How the bears could be helped without taking measures to curb global warming was a conundrum left for another day.
They spent their first two days with an emphasis on safety measures.
And, for each area of work, there can be many performance measures.
Weights and measures is one of the oldest government functions.
Conservation groups and fishing groups have championed the measures ever since a judge put them in place four years ago.
And once again the government has announced a package of measures aimed at halting it.
We view the act's measures as a step toward fiscal consolidation.

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