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Instead of the degrees being measured by presence in the same film, degrees are determined by articles that link to each other.
The frame keeps the instrument steady and at a measured distance from the skin.
Perhaps success will be measured by the many feasts to come, and the continuing connections made.
Measured by gross tonnage, it was then the largest cruise ship on the world's oceans.
Starting next year, college coaches will be measured by more than their wins and losses.
If it had a gross national product it would be measured not in money, but in souls.
The tools measured the tornado's wind speed and direction.
But the amount and pattern of warming that's been measured can't be explained by these factors alone.
But the true costs, from worker exploitation to pollution, are not measured by electricity meters.
He began to paint by making slow measured marks on the paper, which was laid on the ground.
The researchers measured five skaters' heart rates, oxygen intake, and speed while maneuvering on the blades.
The trainer also equipped the apes with face masks, which measured how much oxygen the apes were using to fuel their movements.
Researchers measured the ratio of strontium-a metallic element-in the bones and teeth of the bodies.
Objects in the night sky are measured in degrees, the full moon spanning about one half of a degree.
To us, if a country's economic development isn't measured in dollars, it doesn't make sense.
The size of the grains is measured in millionths of a meter, but the romantic journeys of pollen are epic.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
Even an ant is eight spans long as measured by its own hand.
Reason is not measured by size or height, but by principle.
But, measured in progress, it is a far cry from those days.
Among the largest were certain of the sea scorpions, which measured nine feet in length.
We have no pleasure in thinking of a benevolence that is only measured by its works.
Now was heard again the clangor of the music, and the measured tramp of the military escort, issuing from the church-door.
The deplorable financial condition of the country may be measured by the fluctuations of the price of gold.
The two warriors advanced with measured steps towards each other, and met in the middle of the space.
May sat without moving or speaking while the clock slowly measured out five minutes.
Although little understood in businesses today, corporate culture is being measured-and risk better averted.
Measured a different way, the correlation between money and happiness is surprisingly strong.
Unlike television or newspaper ads, the return on investment from a direct-mail campaign can be accurately measured.
But even when measured by market exchange rates emerging economies are flexing their muscles.
But if some believe confidence can be measured, others doubt it can explain anything.
Their success should be measured not only in returns to shareholders, but also in benefits to customers.
Then the material's electrical characteristics had to be measured using a number of techniques.
The team measured all reported symptoms of depression against a recognized depression scale.
Radar-estimated wind speeds could not be measured during the collapse because of radar clutter.
Success had been measured by how many reintroduced animals survived, and for how long.
From this time on the flights were not over definite courses, and the distances traveled were measured by this instrument.
The scientists then measured how the youngsters slowly approached perfect imitation.
And whether it is the glaciers' weight, speed or volume that is measured, a quickening of the their movement can be detected.
The speed of that wind can be measured using a tool called an anemometer.
The finding was so significant that it is now held as the standard by which new catalysts are measured.
He changed the amount of salt in the water, and measured oxygen consumption.
First, the heat-treated poles are measured, cut and mitered together.
Today the painting's value is measured in the millions.
There were no technical graphs of data points or tables of measured variables.
Arms three times as strong as mine aren't going to be much use in dealing with animals who's weight is measured in tons.
He stopped when he could no longer see his feet, and when he came back out, somebody measured the watermark on his clothing.
They tell everybody what they found, what they measured and how.
Similarly, it was found that light appears as a wave or a particle depending on how it is measured.
Its port is the world's busiest as measured by tonnage.
Wall paintings were measured and found to fit the gaps in the walls of one tomb.
More usually, the seconds measured off the distance and drew their marks.
Twenty-three of those transmitters also had tilt and vibration sensors that measured activity.
But scientists, quite intrigued by the anomalous results, have since been busy generating more measured responses.
When he speaks, he's quiet and measured, but his expression suggests amazement at the foolish things people believe.
What is important should be measured and what is measured can be improved.
Knowledge becomes something simply to be counted and measured: the indicators start to become the chase.
His largest and best measured four feet in length, with a headlight-sized mirror and the zany appearance of a ray gun.
It isn't clear, however, how such productivity is to be measured.
Student progress toward completion may also be measured by tracking how many students reach certain credit milestones.
The productivity of each faculty member is measured, although the data are aggregated before being published.
But we're not questioning the biology, we're questioning how strength behavior should be measured.
Competence was measured in the length and complexity of a recipe, not in one's ability to crank out five easy suppers.
Who sat with me in the automobile in the dead of night and measured the content of my character without even looking at my face.
Whatever it is, it's always being measured against that.
The quality-measured by how often those papers were cited-had not grown as fast, but that gap is shrinking, too.
Camille was, for anyone who lived through it, the gauge by which all other storms are measured.
He measured the totality of his existence in one word: performance.
He would sit out lucky streaks by opponents by relying on the belief that over time his brainy, measured tactics would prevail.
Most things in baseball these days are measured with aeronautic levels of precision.
And any good party can be measured by the presence, and subsequent absence, of its potato chips.
The durability of the revolution's goals is probably best measured two or five years from now.
The program measured the results and posted them in the villages for all to see.
Franken was clearly using all his actor's experience to seem measured and senatorial, but his frustration was palpable.
Not only is it incomprehensible, but the aftereffects on lives around the world cannot be summed up or measured.
It is measured by psychic indicators rather than economic ones.
They've been weighed and measured and are now ready for your voting.
Public policy that creates a climate in which teaching standards are measured can help.
Five seconds meant five seconds, no matter who measured it or where.
Policy itself follows from what is measured, and if all that is measured is money, all policy will be about getting more money.
But so far, the response has been measured and cautious.
Then they refilled the dispensers, placed signs near them and measured how this amount changed over the next two weeks.
The third map also charts the change in productivity, this time measured as gross metropolitan product per worker.
Because fine particulate and ozone levels are already measured, they should be reported to the public.
It is equally tempting to dismiss symbolism as unimportant when measured against tangible policy.
The link between incidents and problems can sometimes be measured.
There's no dispute over the constancy of the speed of light when measured over a round trip.
They then simply take these measurements away from the acceleration measured by the atom interferometer.
The annual market for underground electricity transmission is measured in the billions of dollars.
Some of the early designs measured the change in electrical resistance or capacitance on a surface when fingers touched it.
In particular, no one has carefully measured how much of it enters the sea.
Each participant's intelligence was measured before taking the first test and after each training session.
The problem is that the measured difference is too small by a factor of a billion to explain the amount of matter in the universe.
Particulate air pollution is typically measured at ground level.
Until it's measured, an atom or photon can remain in an ambiguous state of all possible values simultaneously.
These experiences cannot easily, if at all, be measured or tested by scientific methods.
More recently they have lowered cameras on cables and measured the bioluminescence on display beneath the waves.
It was perhaps the largest ocean wave ever measured.
Their concentration in the atmosphere is measured in parts per trillion.
First the cardiologists measured how long it took a normal beat to make it from atrium to ventricle.
His approach is calm and judicious, his prose style measured and accessible.
His method is to study mental processes that can be observed and measured under rigorously controlled experimental conditions.
Above all, the thrall in which an ideology holds a people is best measured by their collective inability to imagine alternatives.
As a historian he became more measured, and as an essayist he became more significant.
Measured by the economy's overall output of goods and services, the recession had ended more quickly than expected.
There is no doubt that economic development must be understood as much more than rising consumption as conventionally measured.
Its walls were of wood and it measured about ten by thirteen feet.
The value of newly acquired whiteness is often measured in dollars and cents.
The real problem with his article is that humor can't be empirically measured, but attempts at humor can.
Cruelly, an online user is worth much less-because his or her value can be so easily measured-than a traditional reader.
He began to measure things that hadn't been measured.
The impact of aids on fashion itself can't be measured in a literal way, but it clearly affected creativity as well as business.

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