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It is a gamble, and meanwhile ordinary probation services look likely to be squeezed.
Meanwhile the spiders have lived with people for years, apparently without biting them.
Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies do not have drugs in the pipeline to combat the new bug strains.
Meanwhile he has little interest in disrupting a venture that produces profits and jobs.
Meanwhile the electronics could tabulate votes quickly, as our impatient society demands.
But the comic opera has meanwhile crystallised doubts about the quality of his leadership.
Meanwhile all the other participants are doing the same thing, including watching you.
Meanwhile bosses grumble that nobody pays attention in meetings any more, because they are so busy doing e-mail under the table.
Meanwhile the money people want to see a return on their investment.
Meanwhile the next generation of radio-astronomy observatories is taking shape.
Engineers have meanwhile demonstrated robotic vehicles.
At some point in the future, the resource is used up, but meanwhile generations can benefit.
Meanwhile technologists developed the laser into what is today's products.
Meanwhile neighboring wrens hearing the song replied with the same one, while distant males sang other songs.
Meanwhile, season salmon fillet with kosher or sea salt and pepper.
Meanwhile, cut off and discard root ends and dark green tops from leeks.
Meanwhile, line a large colander with cheesecloth and set in sink.
Toby, meanwhile, is focused on a plain old brown woolly bear caterpillar.
Meanwhile, line a large fine-mesh metal colander with a quadruple thickness of cheesecloth and set in sink.
Wind power, meanwhile, has managed to stay out of the headlines.
There is meanwhile an overbearing tourism industry that keeps a wet blanket over the spirit of true adventure.
Meanwhile, tourists are still welcome to explore the rock art freely, and talks are in progress to build a visitor center.
Meanwhile, advocates of locally produced food say the crisis only underscores the dangers of the industrialized food supply.
Meanwhile, increasingly scarce adults were often caught in fishing gear.
Meanwhile, the other dog would return to the hospice to alert the monks of the stranded pilgrim.
Meanwhile, as sea level rise approaches two feet, the barriers might simply spend more time closed.
Meanwhile, the wolves have shown a high incidence of a backbone malformation from inbreeding.
Henrietta's descendants, meanwhile, have remained poor and often unable to afford health insurance.
Meanwhile, new life began to stir in the universities.
The crowd, meanwhile, looked on with awe and wonder.
Meanwhile there is no question of sacrificing or depreciating anything.
Meanwhile, higher education's costs have risen faster than even those of health care.
Search firms, meanwhile, garner profits by constantly putting forth outside candidates.
Michelle, meanwhile, found herself married to another historian.
Meanwhile, two emergency medical technicians wheel an injured patient on a gurney into the hallway of a packed waiting room.
Meanwhile, much has been said and written about the methodological problems with the various rankings.
Meanwhile, accrediting agencies have recently expanded their roles in an effort to go beyond simple accreditation.
Symptoms of the injury, meanwhile, can vary greatly.
Meanwhile, the percentage of tenure-stream faculty is still going down.
Meanwhile, months or years elapse while important problems remain unsolved.
Meanwhile, they have earned credit towards a college degree and can continue seamlessly through their college requirements.
Meanwhile, college attendance and completion gaps between low-income and high-income students have been on the rise.
Walker, meanwhile, is cynically pitting private employees against public employees.
Meanwhile, globalisation has been rewarding winners ever more generously.
Meanwhile, the stores will then have good financial reasons for upgrading their terminals.
The perks, meanwhile, go to those with panels-often wealthier homeowners.
Other pot entrepreneurs, meanwhile, are making millions and have a group of slick lobbyists.
Politicians, meanwhile, have left investors with serious doubts about their ability to handle the crisis.
The victors, meanwhile, hung on to power long into their dotage.
Meanwhile, higher food prices could be politically destabilising, which adds an additional consideration to policy.
Meanwhile, the chlorophyll molecules that gave up electrons in the first place accept electrons from elsewhere.
Meanwhile the pressure on prices is only growing more intense.
Popular demands for a bigger say in government, meanwhile, are building slowly but inexorably.
Meanwhile, suppliers demand instant payment from companies with weak balance-sheets and equity investors downgrade the shares.
Foreign businesses, meanwhile, are worried about how the government might respond if inflation does take off.
Meanwhile the ground workers have voted for action to support demands for the extension of their job guarantee clause.
Meanwhile, in all four categories, the scores of private-school students remained flat.
Health officials, meanwhile, warn against overdoing physical activity in the ozone-heavy air.
The giant monolith, meanwhile, is believed to be standing in its original position.
Meanwhile, he continues to recruit scientists to study the case.
Meanwhile, development has consumed thousands of acres of arable land.
Meanwhile, the temperature swings during and between these ice ages became more extreme, soaring to new highs and lows.
Meanwhile, a few mysteries remain about chiton eyes.
Meanwhile, some developers earned hundreds of thousands of dollars with hot-selling apps.
Manufacturers, meanwhile, enjoy new bargaining power over the carriers they've done business with for decades.
Meanwhile concerned citizens wondered whether these ostensibly benevolent electronic eyes were developing a suspicious squint.
Some vehicles, meanwhile, will be getting special reactive armor designed to thwart rocket attacks.
Meanwhile the atoms and molecules that make up your body incessantly tumble, vibrate or collide with one another.
Meanwhile, the world's older dams are in dire need of refurbishment, lest the floods burst their bounds.
Larger marine mammals and ducks, meanwhile, suffered ill effects because their prey was contaminated.
Meanwhile, sunlight also strikes the polymer, where it's converted to electricity.
Meanwhile, for the rest of us, no cognitive processes take place at all without being rooted in a system of meaning-making.
Meanwhile, your lungs are also taking in more air, hence the harder breathing.
Airline companies, meanwhile, are increasingly wary of their dependence on overseas oil for fuel.
Meanwhile the carriers are stuck with providing increased capacity, potentially requiring huge capital investments.
Nearly one million are still without permanent shelter, and meanwhile, the flooding has returned.
Meanwhile, the shark was still lying there and they had to keep water moving over its gills.
Colleges, meanwhile, will have more opportunities to specialize.
The increasing costs of driving, meanwhile, have put great pressure on suburban family finances.
Meanwhile, other borrowers aren't receiving such offers.
Meanwhile, the pariah state ensures that forced regime change is as unattractive an option as possible.
Meanwhile, ambient vision is constantly processing visual information in our periphery.
Meanwhile, water supplies are drying up and crops are dying.
Meanwhile, the limited influence you get with your vote and your dedication to the project comes at a price.
Meanwhile, widespread strength training-and perhaps performance-enhancing drug use-compounded the above.
Meanwhile the rest of the country was still living with the hangover of its credit-fueled binge.
Meanwhile, the investment banking business is slowing.
Meanwhile, thousands of households within the same city struggle with hunger.
Meanwhile, broader retail sales rose to new highs this year.
Meanwhile, other researchers are looking for holes in the argument.
Regulations, meanwhile, are lagging far behind the new scientific possibilities.
Meanwhile, almost all of those released near unfenced water survived.
Meanwhile, a similar story was unfolding oceans away.
Scientists, meanwhile, need to keep speaking out about the integrity of our field.
Other research, meanwhile, revealed the compound is scarce in the body fluids of depressed people.
Meanwhile, on the ground, other scientists have found new ways to track refinery pollution.
Meanwhile, the oil goes to the storage tank to await the next truck.
Biologists, meanwhile, had uncovered the amazingly complex organic molecules that allow living cells to survive.
Meanwhile, the ladybird stands guard over its own parasite.
Frogs and other amphibians, meanwhile, are battling a killer fungus of their own.
Meanwhile, doubts about the standard theory of memory were piling up in the world outside the neuroscience lab.
Meanwhile, new preservation technologies were everywhere.
Meanwhile, he says his goal is to extend functional years rather than longevity per se.
The group, meanwhile, had a complicated relationship with the absent prodigy.
Meanwhile, rising temperatures make other risks worse as well.
Coal plants, meanwhile, produce almost twice the volume of greenhouse gases as natural-gas plants per unit of energy generated.
Meanwhile, the percentage of high-school seniors who have used pot has remained steady, between forty and fifty per cent.
The editorial pages, meanwhile, represented a wide range of views.
Meanwhile, the poem-turned-history proved remarkably useful to later generations of politicians.
Meanwhile, he kept writing and performing and giving his demos to every record company in town.
Meanwhile, if animals have had to make adjustments to live with people, the reverse is also the case.
Back on the beach, meanwhile, the actors played adults waiting for the kids to be done with their kayak adventure.
The journalists themselves, meanwhile, were barely photographed at all.
Battery developers, meanwhile, continue to push lithium performance.
Meanwhile, software makers have waited for the hardware to become available before spending money on development.
Different parts of the world, meanwhile, specialize in different techniques.
Meanwhile, researchers have tested methods for extracting stem cells without destroying viable embryos.
Meanwhile, in the past couple of years, an increasing number of academic research teams have started developing the engines.
Meanwhile a number of technologies promise to cut down on emissions from coal plants.
Meanwhile, the industry has responded with a public relations campaign of its own.
Meanwhile, he's also developing catalysts that use different materials.
Meanwhile, the vast pool of labor trapped on farms had all but disappeared.
Meanwhile the book grew and grew-and became deeper, and richer, and in all ways better.
Meanwhile, spread each tomato half with the reserved mustard sauce and sprinkle with the remaining bread crumbs.
Meanwhile, many of the relatives are off flying over the mountains in sleek white gliders.
Meanwhile, smaller, regional companies grabbed market share.
Meanwhile, higher-ups conferred with lawyers, who went to great lengths to make contact with him.
Koo, meanwhile, adopts what seem to us to be contradictory positions.
Meanwhile you have rolled yourself a cigarette, say, and inserted it with great care between your well-practiced lips.
Meanwhile, austerity economics could well leave the nation with a lost decade of slow growth and high unemployment.
But meanwhile a voice is heard above these waters, speaking with precision and in tones of quiet reason.
Meanwhile rumors spread about demons, witches, and werewolves.
Meanwhile, her father had been shut up in a mental asylum.
Meanwhile stir together dry ingredients in small bowl.
Meanwhile, beat yolks in a medium bowl with an electric mixer at high speed until thick and pale.
Meanwhile, cover grits with water in a large bowl and whisk vigorously.
Meanwhile, coarsely shred chicken, discarding skin and bones.
Meanwhile, whisk together yolks and brown sugar in a large metal bowl until thick and creamy.
Bring to a boil over high heat and meanwhile whisk together arrowroot and water in a small bowl.
Meanwhile, drop garlic into a food processor with motor running.
Meanwhile, dust a large baking pan with some potato starch.
Meanwhile, spread flour on half of a shallow baking pan.
Meanwhile, melt chocolate with butter and oil in a heatproof medium bowl set over a pot of simmering water, stirring.
Meanwhile, blend tomatoes with juice in a blender until almost smooth.
Meanwhile, beat whites with a pinch of salt in bowl of mixer until foamy, then beat in cream of tartar.
Meanwhile, stir together bread crumbs and milk in a large bowl and set aside.
The publishing industry, meanwhile, is embracing consumers' move away from meat.
Meanwhile, my family planned a last-minute road trip.
Meanwhile, the nature of spring break continues to evolve.
Meanwhile, she was falling behind on her own payments for rent, and soon she was fired after taking too many sick days.
Meanwhile their precipitation forecast is for equal chances of above normal, below normal, and near normal precipitation.
Whaling, meanwhile, lingered in bed until more blasts rattled the quarters' windows.

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