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That's a reason for capital gains taxes to be lower, and lower investment taxes theoretically means more savings and investment.
Carr to get his opinion about what this means for teaching and research.
The lack of commercial orientation frequently means that too many employees throughout the company are unproductive.
Northeast means it's now far cheaper than oil for home heating.
Donkeys have been an important means of transportation since biblical times.
More shrimp per pound means they are smaller and will cook a little faster.
Means filed a lawsuit last week, claiming she suffered emotional distress after viewing a videotape of last year's operation.
It also means turning away plenty of qualified applicants.
Transparency also means linking to sources and data, something the web makes easy.
Sometimes survival means lying, stealing, or vanishing in place.
Pushing water past the core means pumps that are generally run by electricity.
Hopefully, a means will be found to reopen it in the near future.
Making seed tape ahead of time means less time bending over in the garden.
What this means is that colleges increasingly are obligated to provide pre-college, high-school level instruction.
Making efficient parallel software means starting from scratch.
Argon is inert, which means that it doesn't easily react with atoms of other elements.
Creating long-term memories means chemically altering the brain.
Growing edibles inevitably means growing snails, especially because our garden is organic and hospitable to wildlife.
If anything, genetic engineering is going to expand our sense of what it means to be human.
It means scatterbrained, particularly as a reaction to stress.
Means-testing only means that those who are independently wealthy no longer need a government supplement.
Researchers may have glimpsed a means by which the tuberculosis bacterium could adapt itself to different human populations.
It is not, as the economists say, a generally accepted means of payment.
He means it literally: alfresco dining at its earthiest extreme.
But that means any iron-loving-or siderophile-elements present in the primordial magma should have also retreated toward the core.
Deterministic does not necessarily means with external causes.
But you would not have a clue what she means from our popular culture.
Our simple recipe uses purchased dough to speed up prep time, which means you can have dinner on the table in less than an hour.
It means that, as the social network reaches out across the wider web, users will in theory take their privacy settings with them.
The duo's gravity puts them in a synchronous orbit, which means they face each other with the same side all the time.
They could not fight the owners openly, they had to resort to indirect means to get revenge.
Facing south usually means great natural light, making gray feel lighter in the space.
In economic terms it means eradicating cyclical unemployment.
The fact that this has not happened means the current alternatives are not viable.
To me, being able to speak a language means being able to communicate and understand in absence of another reference point.
Less brightness means less of the sun's energy is reflected back into space.
The reduced delta waves simply means they are not able to fall asleep.
Building a green home means reducing your home's impact on the environment.
The world's oceans are now being observed routinely and systematically by means of satellite and techniques.
The overall outcome is still in doubt, which means exciting racing lies ahead.
So if you have one you can call yourself doctor which means teacher.
Seeing colored letters and words is by no means the only form of synesthesia.
It means writing an honest job announcement and selecting based on the qualifications stated in that announcement.
Which means there are a whole lot of cheerleaders, looking for gigs.
Claiming it is not having an effect means nothing unless you can actually support that claim with calculations.
If meat loaf means winter to you, think again, especially if you fancy meat loaf sandwiches.
But the department may have few means of punishing the lending companies.
When the whole curve moves lower, it means that investors have a rosier inflationary outlook.
But the end product didn't amount to a hill of beans to many traders-they wanted the means of production.
It means you can watch cartoons and kids' shows without having to make excuses.
If your recollections sometimes evoke a sentimental yearning for the past, then you know what it means to experience nostalgia.
It means you are more interested in selling than informing.
His means toward that end, however, have lacked any of the masterpiece's grace and beauty.
Some of the affected frogs produce fewer tadpoles, which means there are fewer frogs.
But that means no copy editor catches your mistakes before print.
It means staring rigidly into a single screen and moving your fingers up and down.
Rather it is the unification of a variety of means of communication.
It also means that many students who come from families without college experience feel that college is unattainable.
What this popularity means to ocean fish populations worries scientists and conservationists.
As it stands, for one pilot to learn about turbulence pretty much means another pilot elsewhere has already encountered it.
By all means be open to new ways of caring for your bees.
Most also fall to the surface in a relatively short time, which means they do not add to orbiting space junk.
Check out what quality time with dad means in the lion's den.
It means infinite duplication without loss of quality.
Poverty means that enrichment items are not bought, including subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.
The farm households have little or no cash income, leaving them without the means to invest in farm improvements.
At present they are sanguine about inflation and worried about unemployment, which means a rate rise this year is unlikely.
She now thinks it more likely means cardamom, which was a common flavoring in food and drink.
For the first time in history, technology has given each of us the means to access our own.
The worsening economy also means more potential learners as the newly unemployed seek a new career.
Sniffing the exhaust means that this happens automatically.
It means talking more about her research agenda and teaching techniques.
When scientific means are employed to prevent this meeting, one is said to practice birth control.
In the government of his kingdom, his thoughts were altogether turned upon the means of best promoting the welfare of his people.
Impartial vigor and example are the best means of governing.
Because it is natural drama, it is often the means by which the masque gets a place in dramatic literature.
It is by no means certain that in his displays of learning he is not mocking or parodying others as well as relieving himself.
Horatio, when thou shalt have over-looked this, give these fellows some means to the king: they have letters for him.
It must be perfect in fit, cut and material, and this means a first-rate tailor.
Back to school also means back to the doctor's office.
Thanksgiving weekend means rivalries and games with national championship implications.
The best camera is always the one you have with you, and lately that means your phone.
Prepared pesto makes this dish a snap, but by all means, use homemade if you have it.
They're flowering now, which means that potato formation isn't far off.
Then you can add the white meat to the oven after the dark, which means all of the meat will be juicy.
So by all means, give them a deck or a patch of lawn for sunbathing.
It's a top bar hive, which means the bees build comb on bars of wood that run the short way across the top of the hive.
Fall is almost upon us and that means cozy, comforting dishes and fewer cold, refreshing salads.
Commercial manufacturers can make it quickly, so they do-which means that rich, complex flavors never develop.
But fixing the infrastructure means raising taxes-politically unpalatable even in fat years, and this is not one.
And if someone has no word for a number, he may have no notion of what that number means.
Propping is similar to tunnelling, and means that unviable units get financial support from sister companies.
It is an endearingly human gesture but, as a means of keeping dry, almost entirely futile.
It also means that a mixed banking sector-with state-owned and private firms, as well as some foreign ones-will stay in place.
Behind the controversy is a change not in the laws of war but in the means of waging it.
At some point, it will have to slow, which means lower consumer spending.
At present nursing and residential care of the elderly are strictly means-tested.
Furthermore, firms can leapfrog over the experience curve by means of innovation and invention.
He means that sitting up straight will seem weird at first, but after a week or two you will feel the benefits.
It means to ride a bike or drive a hybrid car, and to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.
Mueller's gibbon is a true brachiator which means it moves by suspensory behavior.
Corals are actually translucent, which means you can see through them.
Currently, the only means of extended space travel is by chemically propelled rockets, similar to those used today.
Expending less energy on digestion means you can afford to apply it elsewhere, perhaps to power an expanded brain.
For people and wildlife alike, fresh water means life-but supplies are limited.
It is a flash of the human spirit, the means by which the soul of each particular culture reaches into the material world.
E-reserves and other digital means of distributing copyrighted material have become an increasingly sore subject for publishers.
Cross-train in another discipline and, in the process, remember what it means to be a student.
You'll have to ask the school or the department, politely, what it means.
Permanent installation examines the means of plant reproduction.
Families of means commissioned artists to paint portraits of loved ones for the eventual adornment of their mummies.
We have to look for one that grows straight, which means the bark has to be growing straight on it.
The means and methods by which museums store and preserve objects for future generations is examined in a third section.
There wouldn't have been any reason to publish it, even by the standard means of an artist's representation.
Food is explored as a source of comfort, a means of connecting with other people, a means of escape-and as a weapon.
By all means, let's explore space with probes and instruments.
The second rocket could dive into the cloud, collect some of the spray and emerge from its dive by means of an auxiliary jet.
But it also means that a bee can generate more lift when it needs to--when it must carry a heavy load, for example.
But to keep charging ahead at full steam, they also need to be vigilant about their health, which means eating and drinking right.
That's not only big business for the company, it also means big jobs for the local community.
If turning coal ash into concrete neutralizes the deadly chemicals, then by all means, turn it into concrete.
And all those smart phones means the infrastructure required to manage them is going to have to grow as well.
Global warming in general means warming climates over the globe.
Most planet-wide processes result from internal sources of energy and the means of its dissipation.
Researchers are again using mind-bending drugs as a means of treating mental disorders.
Reasoning is generally seen as a means to improve knowledge and make better decisions.
The only catch in this efficient system is that low pressure can also mean rain, and rain means no insects.
For normal people, this means it was the moment of the autumnal equinox.
Adding fuel means building a bigger tank, which makes the rocket heavier, which means more fuel.
Syncope means faint and bradycardia means slow heart rate.
The use of a fully synthetic scaffold means that only the patient's own cells create the new organ.
Surely she has worse pictures of herself, and the fact that she chose a good one means she cares about looking good.
Geometrically, this means that the areas of the red and blue squares in the diagram at right always add up to the purple square.
And in both cases, the manipulation worked-although by different means.
It means packing in as much information as possible while still keeping things readable.
It's on my right forearm, which means it ends up being a good conversation starter after a quick handshake.
According to him, this probably means that the rings were coated with a sticky glue to better ensnare their nematode prey.
His was a victory for progressivism through ultra-traditional means.
It also means that there is more water, and hence more energy, available to the system.
Community-oriented policing means changing the daily work of the police to include investigating problems as well as incidents.
They inevitably raise large questions about motive and guilt, ends and means.
Creatures come out of caves wondering what it means.
They exclude information obtained by torture, but permit testimony coerced by any means short of torture.
Needless to say, the engagement with their real-world counterparts means these two top contenders are in full fusillade mode.
To be a friend means that they are always there, for the good or the bad.
Living foolishly above my means and running out of money.
Forget about what this all means for the real lives of real people, whether it will help them get jobs or keep their homes.
Her winning word: cymotrichous, which means something that relates to wavy hair.
If it's too clear, that means it didn't get enough food when it was growing.
Interestingly, older people are more inclined to take on a few ailments if it means sticking around a few more years.
If you have a soda siphon by all means use it, and let the foam fly.
For some, it means stepping into a world within a world.
In other words, he's thinking creatively about what place means.
Luckily, this incredibly nutritious and juicy green is a weed, which means it pops up wild nearly everywhere.
Cooking something en papillote means wrapping the food in a pouch and baking it in the oven.
By doing this, she's compressing the flour, which means that she's using more than the recipe developer intended.
But they certainly don't see it as a means of losing weight-quite the opposite.
Colón is by no means absent from history textbooks, of course, but in them he seems ever less admirable and important.
More intense light also means that more performance-degrading heat must be dissipated using heat sinks or fans.
Also, the flexible nature of the cells means they could be put on one dimensionally curved surfaces.
They are quantized, which means they can demonstrate the strange properties of quantum mechanics.
But it also means that some usable embryos may be discarded following screening.
The problem would be solved either by using other ways of material of electricity storage or generating energy by other means.
And yet for birds, wing flapping is a highly efficient means of propulsion.
Proponents of information freedom and of undermining censorship are increasingly turning to more radical means of making a point.
In other words, a user always has to access data by some physical means.
Combining the two means that you can use less of each.
Read the whole article, then sit back and think about what it means.
Batteries with a higher energy density would be smaller and cheaper, which means electric and hybrid cars would be less expensive.
Provide the means to bring along an extra battery only when needed.
Better performance often means more page views, and thus more interaction with users.

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