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Example sentences for meanness

There seems to be no interval between greatness and meanness.
But what really matters is not the stinginess, is not the meanness, but the tone of the whole thing.
If they forgive too much, all slides into confusion and meanness.
But, chained as he was in the meanness and smallness of it all, he was yet cast in a different mould.
Its primary subject was the meanness of middle-school students.
Some people are born mean, some achieve meanness, and others have meanness thrust upon them.
One has made a career out of pushing friendliness to the point of abrasiveness, and the other has done the same with meanness.
But this doesn't justify his meanness or his broad inconsistencies.
Even the exuberant pop music on the soundtrack is used as a counterpoint to the characters' enclosed meanness and malaise.
Meanness happened then too, but the sphere of influence was much smaller.
Bullying is repeated and unnecessary aggressive behavior, or quite simply, unprovoked meanness.
Bullying is repeated and uncalled-for aggressive behavior, or quite simply, unprovoked meanness.
Strengthen them in all good and protect them from meanness of spirit.
Help us never to allow carefulness to become meanness, or spending to become squandering.
They do not treat people or possessions with violence, meanness or rudeness.
We have come to the end of our nation's ability to survive the toxic politics of meanness, blame and selfishness.
If you want kids to trust you, don't show them meanness.

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