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These words invite you to decipher their meanings, all the while resisting interpretation.
Not by the conventional meanings of either of the main words of that clause.
The more complex an organism, the more likely it became that way by extracting multiple protein meanings from individual genes.
The latter keys could be pushed simultaneously, giving many possible combination and meanings for character keys.
These words have low and back vowels in their accented syllables, yet have meanings of smallness.
Many will argue that existence is meaningless, others will simply go on living with alternate meanings.
Tears can take on different meanings depending on who leaks them and when.
Those meanings come from stored data that our culture says is this object with these characteristics.
In both these languages the meanings of words are conveyed by the pitch at which they are uttered.
Some languages using pitch intonation do differentiate different meanings with otherwise highly similar pronunciations.
It really helps, once you have worked-out the meanings of words.
And once that way is verbalized, put into specific words with specific meanings, it becomes all the more difficult to parse.
Second, be the player and pick a door by rolling the die again: same meanings for the rolls.
The end result may carry some symbolic meanings, but they're not necessarily there in all cases.
The syllables can be words by themselves or can be combined with others, and they often have multiple meanings.
It is one of the oldest forms of art, laden with as many different meanings as there are global cultures.
As civilizations developed, tattoos took on other meanings.
As they review their surveys, invite students to share the strategies that helped them figure out the meanings of new words.
As they review their surveys, invite students to share the strategies they used to figure out the meanings of new words.
If students have difficulty with these terms, you may wish to spend additional time reinforcing the meanings of the words.
In tonal languages, the same word can have widely different meanings depending on the inflection of the speaker.
Circulate around the groups to help students decipher word meanings.
At the time, some common meanings were ascribed to different colors and symbols in the coats and crests.
Explain that these letters sometimes act as suffixes, word endings that change the meanings of base words.
Suggest that, as they read the story, students look for on-page clues to words' meanings.
These are words that look alike and have related meanings.
One of the primary meanings of transpire is to give off moisture.
The goal is to deconstruct, to uncover the hidden, multi-faceted meanings and thereby to reveal the codes of power.
The book circles and broods, transferring meanings between landscape and people with a fluidity that almost dissolves boundaries.
Those who use the word rhetorically confuse these two meanings.
His book reveals the strange mixture of meanings the war had for its combatants.
But one feature-whether a language uses pitch as well as vowels and consonants to convey word meanings-stood apart.
In other words, listen to what they say and don't add meanings that make their words play nicely with reality.
Fewer people will puzzle over his meanings in this book and come away partially frustrated.
It must disambiguate words with multiple meanings, by taking into account any context it can recognise.
Finding moral meanings in formal musical patterns has a venerable history.
Leadership has different meanings to different people, depending on who you ask and what region.
We present here five of these confusing cartoons, along with their intended meanings.
And if you dedicate yourself to this job, the meanings more or less take care of themselves.
He seems to be making a point about the extinction of magic in urban settings, but the meanings are so vague that they evaporate.
He quotes phonetic excerpts from it with their meanings.
But the artists who can't leave layer their pieces with meanings, managing to convey what they cannot say outright.
Gradually, meanings emerge and emotions crystallize.
Consequently many words are permanently lost or revived with modified or new meanings.
The companion of him beholds the birth and progress of stars and learns one of the meanings.
Meanings according as their minds are moved more or less.
Meanings receive their dignity from words instead of giving it to them.
It can convey many meanings to the reader, but never the right one.
The leading concept is that of wealth, but this is a term with two distinct but closely related meanings.
Write down unfamiliar terms and look up their meanings.
It is words, with their unpredictable meanings, that have to be listed in dictionaries.
Take the words stir and rest for example, the meanings of which are opposites.
It is in the face of such anxiety that one needs the courage to make meanings, to be oneself.
The alleged misuses of these two words offend those of us who are sensitive to the meanings of prefixes.
But it was only one by one through dozens of times hearing the poem that she asked the meanings of a few more words.
Maybe they need to be told why and how to look up word meanings.
One of the meanings of sublime as a transitive verb is to convert an inferior thing into something of higher worth.
Link: things magazine: an online journal about objects and meanings.
Certain actions, or even small items that constantly reappear throughout his life, will take on new meanings.
In essence, it's the study of meaning or the differences between meanings of words or symbols.
Today, everything may be recorded and then examined for meanings such as subversive intent.
But the word itself is groaning under the weight of multiple meanings.
As a result, interventions often cause the meanings of wars to change.
And so it has proved: all manner of meanings have been and continue to be plastered onto the zombie.
Well, once a work of literature or writing is out in the world, the author really can't control its meanings.
His illuminations became obscure, filled with purely private meanings.
Have students practice guessing the words' meanings through context.
The song takes on different meanings to different listeners.
Although the specific meanings of the carved-out-of-sandstone designs are a mystery, their historical significance is clear.
It is not the job of philosophers or anyone else to dictate meanings of words different from the meanings in general use.
Among the obstacles he faces are the elusive meanings of the concepts around which he builds his essays.
For practically everyone else the war had quite different meanings: they had troubles of their own.
Hence his forced and artificial splitting of meanings of words such as emotion and feeling.
In fact the meanings of the key terms vary with context.
Merrill's best poems let the readers' imagination draw out their meanings for themselves.
It greatly facilitates that process to use words with precise technical meanings when they are called for.
There is no conflict and people understand the meanings since precision is not the objective.
But notes, chords, and melodies lack explicit meanings.
Even many words that look the same have different meanings.
Cramming multiple meanings into a single variable is what computer types call overloading.
The lack of understanding of the meanings of the two words also leads to party platforms that are frustratingly inconsistent.
Still despite the differences between the informal and philosophical meanings of pragmatism there is clearly overlap.
It's amazing how different parties can derive different meanings from the same question.
As you are probably aware, those sorts of distinctions rarely have useful meanings in the context of biology.
One collection of words can have several different meanings.
But it appears a lot of the above comes from using time in two different meanings, form different points of knowledge.
Obviously, the meanings of art are not confined to masterpieces.
My phrases ambled along dressed in the same meanings.
Advertisers are using popular tunes to sell their product but ignoring the songs' ultimate meanings.
But their case resonated with meanings and dilemmas larger than itself.
Actors calmed down and concentrated on the meanings of the words.
Knowing the meanings of the words used in a text is fundamental to comprehension.

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