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But no one knows whether this indicates a trend or is simply a meaningless random clustering.
They find meaning in something once meaningless, and suddenly we're all connected.
It seemed to her that the world was full of meaningless people saying words.
For in any private library, the totality of books is meaningful, while each individual volume is relatively meaningless.
Bizarre oddities, which complicate the puzzle but are meaningless in themselves, flash by in an instant.
In the trees outside, a nation of birds had replaced the bats and were now atwitter in a paroxysm of meaningless life.
It doesn't really advance, which means that planning for future action is meaningless.
Laser-printed uniformity has become meaningless because it can be achieved so cheaply.
Some are tempted to think of life in cyberspace as insignificant, as escape or meaningless diversion.
When a currency becomes meaningless, business is done in barter.
The number is nearly meaningless, in some ways overselling the car and in some ways hiding its potential benefits.
If you aren't interested in actual physics, it is meaningless to ask concerned questions.
In the humanities, grading standards are so random as to be meaningless.
To extend them to another area, the clergy don't make a lot of money, so therefore what they do is meaningless.
But many lower-income people, whose deductions are meaningless because their tax bill is too small, get no help.
It is an uncertain background for a meaningless tale of crude amours.
High top rates are meaningless if nobody is paying them.
It seemed to me there was so much prattling, and that the world was full of meaningless words.
Multiple meaningless slogans in a short time frame is a sure sign that the brand in question has lost its way.
It turned out to be meaningless, but it was such a good play.
Eraser writes over files with meaningless data, making the files unrecoverable.
People need to look at results, not at meaningless words.
The idea was to point out that a lot of people were finding spurious correlations in meaningless data.
These correlation studies are meaningless unless the groups who get married or don't get married are identical to begin with.
Your failure to provide a complete medical history makes your post meaningless noise.
Data fusion is challenging because databases are riddled with errors and meaningless coincidences.
Remember, your feelings are meaningless in the context of the health and well-being of countless generations.
Some consider this loose making of connections to be a random process, in which case dreams would be basically meaningless.
In this world, behaviors and subjective suffering become meaningless or irrelevant.
Environmental concerns, even species survival concerns, are totally meaningless to a consumer.
As long as the definition is murky, testing is meaningless.
Until you produce a paper proving your hypothesis your opinion is meaningless.
The content is less than jargon in terms of meaningless noise and chatter.
So, according to your belief, existence is meaningless.
But, no one can deny that without enough energy to run the engine of an economy, all the other components are meaningless.
To my mind this quote from the blog is virtually meaningless and unscientific.
From a strictly empirical perspective it is meaningless, as is poetry and other non-empirical literature.
Without time, change is meaningless and does not occur.
The entire video is a computer simulation, therefore meaningless.
The second set of bubbles are a meaningless way to represent the information.
But if that's his one-shot shot then the strategy is meaningless.
So when you talk about temperature changes over the last decade, you're talking meaningless nonsense.
Red is pretty much meaningless to them, in other words.
Given the heterogeneity and non-linearity of the system, that would be utterly meaningless.
Correlation does not equal causation your arguments are meaningless.
Eventually it will end up as a few jumbled letters that at totally meaningless to all.
It is tempting to dismiss this trite formulation as a meaningless excuse for inaction.
But foreign companies argue that this distinction is meaningless in practice.
He seems to mean that he is in favour of ignoring general moral and ethical principles because they are meaningless.
When it comes to the brain, society now regards the distinction between treatment and enhancement as essentially meaningless.
Ironically, these priceless resources are squandered to manufacture goods in exchange for meaningless paper.
Others employ it as a synonym for the entire workforce, a definition so broad as to be meaningless.
The high rate of inflation makes company accounts meaningless.
It's unfair to characterize a movement as stupid and meaningless because the people in it don't have an original vision.
Science without feeling and understanding is meaningless, because it doesn't fully satisfy human nature.
Comparisons between earnings for college graduates and high school graduates are barely above meaningless.
There is meaningless to talk about small is beautiful or not.
They are universally misused, and are so vague as to be nearly meaningless.
It is total meaningless, except satisfying with your poor vanity.
Spoken words become mere sounds, a meaningless buzz in the ears.
The tips and memos they received were not meaningless gossip but important information.
If it is a meaningless item that is not legally binding, then there really should be no problem removing it from the treaty.
The calculated uncertainties for commonly used statistics become meaningless.
The calculated minimal sample size required for a pre-specified tolerance becomes meaningless.

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