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When enough redundant words are added, the meaning of the message becomes unique.
These movements take on different meanings in different contexts.
The meaning has changed dramatically over time.
But there's also meaning in the sheer artistry of the place.
We had conversations about everything from the meaning of life to the meaning of government to what it means to be a good citizen.
Clever gangster drama reaches way too far for meaning.
As groups are assigned, make sure students understand the meaning of the word their group was given.
I'd been meaning forever to donate money to the organization.
So a multiple of senses can find meaning in one symbol.
The meaning of success is not limited to academic and musical spheres.
This includes studying how the parts of a statement combine to produce its meaning.
So one begins searching for answers about suffering and meaning.
They seek meaning through a back and forth of interpretation.
Instead, meaning, belief and consciousness seem to emerge mysteriously from idiosyncratic networks of neural firings.
The day was overcast, meaning no shadows and near-perfect light.
Everything to us has a purpose, meaning, and is a part of life.
Except, that is, for bringing meaning to things nobody can even see.
The salts retain heat for up to six hours, meaning that it can be released after the sun goes down.
And lexicographers would then have to add that meaning to their dictionaries.
They often treat creditors badly too, meaning that neither side ends up satisfied.
Even if children are irksome now, they lend meaning to life in the long term.
Most socially-important words have changed meaning or have replaced other words for the same concept over the past century.
In the papers, arguments rage about the meaning of the thing.
Most citizens agree that these rights are essential to a free society, but they often disagree on the scope and meaning of them.
There were, of course, numerous interpretations of the meaning of the holiday vote.
He is hoping to return sometime in the next two weeks, meaning he should be on the bench until further notice.
To be sure, there are doubts among some legal scholars as to whether any legal meaning can be derived from fictional narratives.
The monster proliferation can be explained, in part, by exploring the meaning of monsters.
Many times adventurous, well-meaning, globally minded presidents sally forth and visit other presidents.
Which fuses me into you now, and pours my meaning into you.
Colors, of course, can be a powerful medium to convey meaning and trigger emotions.
Fall is the end of the harvest season, and farmers have already tilled this field, meaning it is ready for the next planting.
They will begin by learning the components of a wave, and will then discuss the meaning of wave height and wavelength.
Most pulsars are dipolar, meaning they have two magnetic poles: north and south.
It is a quest for absolution and for meaning in life.
Scientists are studying these sounds to decipher their meaning.
Even when it is big enough to be decipherable, it usually carries little meaning.
To say these things is to show absolute ignorance of the meaning of the word evidence.
And why music with no apparent meaning is still stimulating or music also stimulates babies.
If the article meant to use it in a different way, one sentence should have been spared to make their meaning more clear.
Infants communicate with their faces even before they are old enough to understand the meaning of their own expressions.
And the author does a great job of going into both the ethics and the broader cultural meaning of the neuroscience.
In these so-called tonal languages, changing pitch can completely alter the meaning of words.
The round ones are in hydrostatic equilibrium, meaning they have enough self-gravity to have pulled themselves into a round shape.
What is more, the spot reflects more red light than blue light, meaning it has a reddish tint in the visible spectrum.
Meaning is something that varies with the mind as well.
The biradicals are intermediates in reactions, meaning they are steppingstones in processes where one compound becomes another.
Carbonic acid is a weak acid, as you say, meaning it does not dissociate all the way.
It also includes an extra door in a low-floor section meaning that there are no steps to board the train.
The one that's deepest-the one that probably is meaning number one-is derogatory slur.
Some are strewn with withered wreaths and dried flowers, and suddenly the meaning of the wrecks becomes clear.
One colleague polled her students about gerontology's meaning.
It has a solid hub and lacks any gears, meaning that one rotation of the pedals produces one rotation of the wheel.
Performance evaluations emphasize a zero-defect mentality, meaning that risk-avoidance trickles down the chain of command.
The meaning of these results can be interpreted in a couple of ways.
They gave meaning to the growth of income and wealth gaps in this country.
So the concept of locality begins to lose its meaning too.
Some messages may be relevant for years, while others lose meaning within minutes.
But as environmentally friendly labels have proliferated, the meaning of those claims has become increasingly vague.
The technology is flexible, meaning that businesses can quickly increase or reduce the amount of resources that they're using.
The one disadvantage to this is that it takes away the symbolic meaning for having a canine helper.
Neither the cause gives meaning to the effect nor does effect give meaning to the cause.
The manual tagging of pages has to be incredibly valuable for defining the meaning of a page.
The basic idea is to use computers to extract meaning from raw data too complex for the human brain to comprehend.
She could understand the meaning of words and recall the faces of famous people.
The discovery held meaning for more than archaeologists, however.
Since hitting his thirties, however, he had begun taking steps to find more meaning in his life.
Everything fundamental in math has ultimately had a meaning in the physical world.
Said senior citizen has been dropped more than a few times by unsuspecting but well-meaning caretakers.
The other part of the story is that few archeologists had any real interest in pinning down the origins and meaning of rock art.
Meaning that often he lives silent in the middle of the world's music.
Meaning if you ever are faced with an unexpected decision, it's going to be much less scary for you.
Everything that she sees reminds her of her past and holds meaning for her.
The officer says a word which is unintelligible to them but plain in meaning.
Individuals are encouraged to draw their own meaning from the hymn.
Each has its own precise meaning and may provide a window into your condition.
It is about the story that our lives have deep spiritual meaning.
Joblessness is typically a lagging indicator, meaning it keeps rising even after the economy has reversed its decline.
The three words represent a summons to reflect on the meaning of existence.
They rarely ask themselves if their behavior is age-appropriate, because that concept has little meaning for them.
Anyone who has ever tried to give up smoking cigarettes knows the meaning of being hooked.
He leveled the picture theory of meaning, thus opening alternatives to correspondence as a theory of truth.
My meaning, which refers to a lesser technical point, was thus grossly distorted by this elision.
If liberties are to be taken in such lines as this, they must convey their meaning.
It is impossible to summarize a book so strong and yet so subtle, in which every word has meaning.
The desperate, perhaps understandable, search to find meaning is dangerous.
But the core meaning of what's happening on the darker side of the spectrum has intermittently slipped away.

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