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Example sentences for meandering

ON a sunny afternoon, canoeists traveled up a meandering river.
They're grouped into pairs and meandering strings up to ten symbols long.
Some of history's best-known scientific and literary achievements grew out of such mental meandering.
It was a far cry from the original highway-commission blueprints and their more topographically friendly, meandering roadways.
Meandering as they are, this film's historical sequences also have an unexpected lightness.
Fall's clear days are the perfect reason to take a meandering drive connecting ocean views and small towns.
Combined with the game mechanic, feeling the beat of the music or the meandering soft melody will easily lull you into a trance.
The unobtrusive hum of this background music also matches the film's meandering pace, which struggles against a narrative block.
The book is entertaining, meandering and at times disingenuous.
Meandering recently through a suburban fair, he chatted easily with voters near giant banana dolls.
Coral reefs can resemble underwater monuments, with strong towers and meandering walls that stand firm against the tides.
Your zombies have always walked with a meandering shuffle, but modern zombies seem to be becoming more aerobic.
While their meandering, dotty conversation is endearing and enlightening, following along is an exercise in stamina.
Picture a rounded surface covered in deep meandering ridges and grooves.
While at times anarchic and meandering, these works don't disappoint.
There were elastic time signatures and flowing keyboard melodies, but there were also plenty of meandering flute solos.
But it's difficult for this meandering, grotesque film to stick to the basics.
Changes in channel pattern, for example from meandering to braided, can be detected on aerial photos.
Meandering streams are generally single-thread channels with meander bends.
Valley wetlands were once extensive, with meandering stream channels and vast seasonal marshes.
The site will allow natural meandering of the river processes to develop and occur naturally.
The meandering shoreline is accentuated be steep picturesque bluffs which offer spectacular views for the recreation user.

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