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And he is doing so with meager funding and only a small band of supporters.
Then they gather in clusters of six or seven, each group taking shelter behind a small dune and kindling a meager fire.
Both books have done alright, but my royalties are meager.
Instead, I continued to shell out my meager disposable income on hardbacks.
It's tough work for an often meager reward.
Grandmothers have often been through hard times and know how to make a meal from meager ingredients.
It's enough to make you stash your meager savings in a piggy bank.
On Madagascar this puzzle is complicated by the fact that the fossil record of mammals from the past 65 million years is meager.
The monthly handout disappears on meager amounts of food.
I'd rather eat something with a taste that is meager and hollow but crisp.
The doctor knew he would get a meager amount for his time, but he stepped up to the plate anyway.
He recalls the hard labor and meager material rewards of those Depression years.
But the life that was in me demanded more than a meager existence of scraping and scrimping.
Most actors have such meager incomes that they abandon acting as a career.
The footholds on the face below the crack are meager.
Total worker compensation has grown at about the same meager pace.
We can have a generous program funded by high contributions or a meager program funded by low contributions or no program at all.
Astronomy is remarkable for how it gleans so much knowledge from such meager slivers of light.
Skeptics will point out that the evidence against many of these potential risks is meager.
The fact is that the costs of those missions far exceeds the value of the meager scientific findings they generate.
The bacteria have become adapted to living on a meager diet of glucose.
The government, with its meager resources, is virtually powerless to stop the looting.
All were filled beyond capacity, with inmates crowded into camps and shelters with meager provisions.
Narrow rings indicate years of slow growth and meager water supply.
They stopped to eat their meager lunches amid the piles of dirt where they had toiled.
For now, they do what they can with the meager resources they have, which means they spend a lot of time reading tea leaves.
With the government's meager resources swamped by demand, private providers have aggressively pursued students.
But compared with those of my fellow ballplayers, my physical gifts were meager.
But surely such meager educational benefits could be attained in some other, more effective way.
There is plenty of resentment among academics about their meager salaries and this could well be a source of leftist opinion.
Once inside, the already meager food and beverage choices get thinner.
Providers work in appalling environments for meager rewards.
Most live on meager budgets, and a subway school may be their only chance for a bachelor's degree.
Up to then, the leader's authority had actually been fairly meager and ceremonial against the powers of the committee chairmen.
Beyond what he could supply, the group made good use of the meager resources available.
Evidence is meager, but what there is supports these general conclusions.
So there were four others to share my meager typist's earnings.
The notion of intelligent machines inspired a blizzard of books and movies, but practical returns were meager.
More important perhaps, the meager budget for a weekly television show precluded landing a huge starship every week.
It also made some meager noises toward increasing oversight of wartime contractors.
They've grown older and stuck together, making a meager living, drifting across the country running low-level cons.
Despite the meager precipitation in the tundra, the environment has a notable amount of standing water during much of the year.
Winter drought blamed for meager spring wildflowers.
It might be portable, but a single patty makes a meager meal, so coco bread was invented to make the patty into a full lunch.
For years, he plied them with food and drinks in return for lessons, sometimes spending a fifth of his meager pay.
His meager wage helps feed his eight siblings and covers his supplies for night school.
Despite the meager payoffs of their degrees, many graduates think the solution is more education--and more debt.
Millions more have died while toiling in cramped, pestilential conditions with meager food rations.
The risks--infection, mostly--outweigh the meager rewards.
For a lot of patients, the meager results of the medication don't justify their cost and unpleasantness.
Many share their meager wages with managers and trainers.
People have to be able to believe that they have some meager job security.
Finances are meager, production values minimal and the performance space rented.
One, it would further strain his already meager finances- those legal fees will be getting steeper now.
Most adaptations center around avoiding heat, conserving water and surviving on a meager food supply.
They don't show up on the unemployment roles because they can't feed their families on the meager check issued.

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