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And today they received the grateful thanks of the modern city's mayor.
The mayor of the tidy nearby town brought out souvenir bottles of schnapps.
Oh, and to make it work, you need a mayor who isn't elected.
For weeks now, the two major candidates for mayor here have been offering competing portrayals of themselves as reformers.
Instead, please restrict your answers to policies she implemented and positions she took as governor and as mayor.
Yet the mayor now faces criminal proceedings-presumably because that is the only way to block his candidacy.
But since you the party leader agreed to it anyway, the mayor had a pre-recorded, positive response.
For his part, the mayor says asphalt pavements are more expensive to maintain than brick.
It could also let a nosy citizen with enough cash find out if the mayor is having an affair, he says.
They drank beer and vodka, and the mayor awarded medals to the previous season's best fishermen.
The mayor also wants to have soda excluded as an item that can be purchased using food stamps.
The gullible, greedy people near these sites have even been suckered into buying stock in bogus companies, including a mayor.
For over a year the mayor and the seven-member city council have wrangled over the debt.
He says the new budget is a positive development, though the mayor has not yet tackled a looming pensions crisis.
Vice president for advancement: mayor and state representatives.
My virtual panda went to the mayor's house to play him a song.
After her two terms as mayor were up, she gained statewide recognition in her campaign to become lieutenant governor.
At gunpoint, they forced the mayor and his board of aldermen to resign, and installed their own government.
They guarded the mayor, and checked everyone who entered the building.
But then the mayor died, and objections to the planned monument surfaced.
In the face of a public outcry, the mayor's office backed down.
Mayor asks for community input on new police car design.
Fifth: create new local councils, each with an accountable mayor.

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