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Example sentences for mayonnaise

New coating should make it easier to get more ketchup or mayonnaise out of the containers.
Volunteers swab turtle mouths with gauze pads and also employ a secret weapon-mayonnaise.
It's not wise to make mayonnaise or ice cream with eggs at home anymore either.
Two competing entrepreneurs invent a spread that is a ready mixture of mustard and mayonnaise.
Unmold mousse and serve on curly kale, with lemon mayonnaise poured over the top.
Traditionally steamed artichokes are served with drawn butter or with a mayonnaise.
Add the garlic powder, celery salt and mayonnaise and toss to coat.
Avoid mayonnaise-based foods, and keep cold food cold and hot food hot.
Some restaurants add salsa golf, a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise.
Nibble on sweet pea risotto, polenta with truffle oil and sweet potato cakes with spicy harissa mayonnaise.
She also generally avoids unhealthy fats, such as those in butter and mayonnaise, opting instead for olive oil or canola oil.
By the time he's ready to apply the mixture to the instruments he makes, it has the consistency of mayonnaise.
Open the tuna, put it in a bowl, and plop a blob of mayonnaise on top.
Roasted garlic has a mellower flavor than raw, and it can be used as a time saver in many ways beyond this mayonnaise.
Sprightly bits of lemon zest and garlic punctuate this creamy mayonnaise-based egg salad.
Stir together mayonnaise, chives, and a pinch each of salt and pepper.
Whisk together mayonnaise and lemon juice in a large bowl.
Purée basil with mayonnaise, water, and lemon juice in a blender.
Leeks in vinaigrette were exactly what they should have been, and the shrimp with mayonnaise were perfectly cooked.
Spread mayonnaise mixture over the cut sides of the rolls.
Mix fresh chopped herbs with mayonnaise for an herb spread.
Mayonnaise and its many creamy variations came much later.
The main ingredient of a vinaigrette is oil, and the main ingredient of a creamy dressing is mayonnaise, heavy cream or eggs.
Soon it enlivened dishes as diverse as barbecue sauce and mayonnaise.
Soft margarine, mayonnaise, and salad dressings are mainly oil and are not considered to be part of any food group.
These are traditionally made with lots of mayonnaise.
Potato salad can be made with low fat dressing instead of mayonnaise.
Blend the cream cheese, mayonnaise, and ranch mix until smooth.
Use mustard or ketchup, which have less fat than mayonnaise.

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