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Example sentences for mayhem

We should be putting down the toys, and getting to work at stopping the mayhem and chaos in our society and the world.
Mayhem is always in the mix in the morning news, but today it's downright dominating.
Remember that the current market mayhem may mean you will be buying low.
Even after the mayhem began, the authorities' response was slow.
With storm season in full fury last summer, explore the historic mayhem wrought by hurricanes.
Check out all the desert mayhem in the gallery above.
With storm season in full fury, explore the historic mayhem wrought by hurricanes.
The sober language contrasted sharply with the mayhem it provoked.
On the other hand the potential for more mayhem when everyone is armed boggles the mind.
But the authorities appear at a loss to explain the mayhem.
The current mayhem at the stock markets left its mark at domain values as well.
And the conspiracy was by no means limited to the officers who took part in the mayhem.
Poverty is on the way out-- among publishers, that is--and mayhem and riots are in.
City provides a much-needed relief from all the conflict and mayhem.
Which, for the viewer at home, means three and a half minutes of fun and mayhem.
Only then did the instructor exercise his authority to stop further mayhem.
Anyway, the computerization of vehicles does offer an opportunity for hacking, but that's not the only way to cause mayhem.
Police have been unable to do much to slow the mayhem.
All this mayhem is caused because people cannot look away from their phones.
There was much talk, meanwhile, about who was behind the pro-regime mayhem.
The message basically is a threat of violence and mayhem.
Joyless scenarios bounce between scenes of driving around town and predictable party mayhem.
In the mayhem that ensured, this soon became a self-fulfilling prophecy.
My guess is that there will be mayhem at the airports this holiday season.

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