maximise in a sentence

Example sentences for maximise

These three missions are planned to orbit as pairs to maximise coverage.
Trilobites may have evolved such sophisticated eye-lenses to maximise optic neurone response in a dimly lit environment.
Economic paradigms are set by manufacturers looking at ways to maximise profits not scientists.
Charity businesses will try to maximise their financial gains.
Politicians say it is exploited to maximise welfare and housing benefits.
It also leads to electoral boundaries drawn purely to maximise political gain but making no geographical or administrative sense.
The economics of externalities argue for enhancing this type of farming so as to maximise society's well-being.
Firms maximise profits because, if they did not, they would no longer be in business.
Even when strangers are involved, lenders are usually not seeking solely to maximise returns.
The goal of policy should be to maximise a country's absolute rate of growth, not its relative rate.
In theory, people should adjust their purchases of food when relative prices change so that they maximise their calorific intake.
Yet curbing the trade of in-game items is defensible, since game economies are run to maximise fun, not efficiency.
As with the environmental worries, the way to maximise the benefits to locals is through better government.
And plant breeders tend to raise cereals which maximise calories, not nutrients.
And in both cases the main question now is how to organise markets to maximise innovation and investment.
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