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It carries nostalgia to where sentiment finally engulfs it in its sickly maw.
The money then disappears into the general maw of public spending, rather than being used to provide drivers with alternatives.
We know without asking that he's searching for the sinister maw of our whirlpool.
At last count, roughly a dozen celebrity magazines filled newsstands in a bid to feed the maw of a gossip-hungry public.
Apparently the guy had been in several accidents while stuffing his maw.
The basking shark's giant, gaping maw makes it look far more dangerous than it is, but it's still a shark.
The cavernous maw which had enveloped the players in practice now seemed to be turbulent with life.
Second, that fat lip would make it impossible to get anything but the biggest chunks of junk into the bucket's handsome maw.
Contrary to myth, the major danger from a tornado is not being sucked into the maw of the storm.
We bout to fill that deep white maw what's felt real empty way too long.

Famous quotes containing the word maw

Death eats up all things, both the young lamb and old sheep; and I have heard our parson say, death values a prince no m... more
peace hath her victories No less renowned than war; new foes arise, Threatening to bind our souls with secular chains: H... more
With his worm-eaten maw, And his ghastly jaw Gasping aside, Naked of hide, Neither flesh nor fell.... more

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