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Example sentences for mauve

Color-block jackets mixed pink, turquoise and mauve and for an added fillip reversed to the leather side.
We're calling the flower color a rosy mauve for short.
Authentic checks are mauve color and have a foil emblem.
Inside, the couple has pulled up the mauve shag carpet and torn down the kitschy wallpaper.
So many sacs are bobbing around that the waves seem to be covered in a veil of mauve.
Foot-high mound of white daisies that fade to mauve.
Another added a mauve hat and tie to his shadow-plaid suit.
Concrete-block walls and colored concrete floors echo the subtle mauve gray of the landscape's volcanic rhyolite stone.
In less favorable locales, it is a much squatter, shorter-lived plant with smaller flowers verging on mauve.
Mauve pink flowers with slender, drooping rays appear in late summer to fall.
Mauve pink flowers with slender, drooping rays appear in late summer to fall add to my plant list.
Mauve linen napkins were decorated with self-covered linen buttons.
The singer picked out a mauve beaded short dress from the parade of simple silhouettes with fancy workmanship.
The soft mint green and mauve colors would never frighten the horses.
They paint their rooms a beautiful mauve and spend far too much time inside.
Larger suites might contrast lemon chairs with lavender throw pillows, or mauve walls with mahogany armoire and marble accents.
Holiday topiaries are festooned with greens and mauve flowers.
The product has a mauve colored handle, a silver barrel and a white plastic cool tip.
The flowers are mauve-pink with yellow bases that open in the sun to form stars.
Healthy vegetation is bright green and soils are mauve.

Famous quotes containing the word mauve

Sad; so sad, those smoky-rose, smoky-mauve evenings of late Autumn, sad enough to pierce the heart.... more
ethereal, their mauve almost a transparent gray, their dark veins bruise-blue.... more
My consolation is to think of the women I have known, now that there is no longer such thing as elegance. But how can pe... more
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