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It is a mentality that, once it takes hold, risks transforming a living city into an urban mausoleum.
It was here, at the end of his daring and bloodstained career, that he was laid to rest in a noble mausoleum.
And his mummified body lies in an eerie mausoleum in the square.
It may lend a hand by embellishing a cathedral, rhyming a thesis, providing a tyranny with a suitable anthem or mausoleum.
Underneath a new, glittering surface, it will remain the same cultural mausoleum.
He had chosen her as window dressing for the mausoleum he runs, but her strength and grace have touched him.
It's really a mausoleum, and he is both caretaker and corpse.
His mausoleum was rigged with crossbows to ambush intruders.
At the national cemetery in the capital, a mob tore apart the late dictator's marble- and-granite mausoleum.
The cemetery offers full burials, a community mausoleum, and private estates.

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Readers transform a library from a mausoleum into many theaters.... more
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